02 March 2014

Meal Planning for March

I've done it!

I've successfully blogged 7 posts in 7 days! I've shared how we chose our daughter's name, asked some not-so-burning questions about food, shared my journey to finally calling myself a runner, dumped the contents of my purse for all to see, invited my readers to play Oscar games on Twitter with me tonight, and even gushed about my cell phone plan (no, really).

And today will end will end with a look at the future. The future being March, and what we will eat for dinner during it.

I started meal planning a month at a time recently, and it went okay. There were some weeks I had to tweak a lot of it due to life happening, but it was nice to just be able to hop back on the plan without having to scramble.

I'm sure you notice the scribble on the side--Lent starts this week, which means all Friday meals will be meatless this month. It actually isn't all that hard for us since I have been incorporating more meatless meals into our plan lately.

Some of the abbreviations on the list above are All You--meaning from All You magazine. I love this magazine, and most of the recipes from it have been superb. The "5DD" means the blog 5 Dollar Dinners. All of the recipes I'm using from it are from this post: 20 Meals From Costco for $150. We don't even have a Costco membership, but I liked the idea! (However, this is where some issues cropped up since most of those recipes contain meat!)

This week we have:

Monday: Italian Chicken & Potatoes in the Slow Cooker. (Recipe) I haven't actually gone grocery shopping yet, snow refuses to stop falling, and I'm horribly sick to the point where I can hardly speak above a whisper, so I'm not sure this is actually going to happen.

Tuesday: Mardi Gras Pancake Feast! I used to make my own pancakes, but decided last month to get a box mix to make my life easier. I bought the Meijer store-brand buttermilk mix, and it is soooo good! I'll probably add in some chocolate chips. And of course we'll go full-out with bacon, eggs, and whathaveyou.

Wednesday: Simple Soup After Church. (Note: that's not spaghetti like it says above, since I took this pic before we went to mass this weekend and found out about this). It's Ash Wednesday, and in the Catholic world, that means fasting and abstinence. Abstinence means abstaining from meat, and fasting means only one actual meal, and two smaller meals that don't equal your 'big' meal. Our church is doing a simple soup meal in the parish hall after the service, so that sounds good enough for us.

Thursday: Husband cooks! Not sure what he'll do. If I actually cook on Monday, we'll probably still have leftovers so he'll get off easy. If not, he seems to like cooking chicken in different ways.

Friday: Baked Penne with Vegetables. (Recipe) The recipe ingredients read like a lasagna, but it doesn't seem like nearly as much work.

Saturday: Leftovers. We're also going to a party at a pizza joint that afternoon, so I'm not quite sure how hungry we'll be for dinner.

Sunday: Ham and Mashed Potatoes. After reading Green Eggs and Ham to my kid for the billionth time, I realized that I cannot shake the southern pronunciation of the word. Hay-am. 2 syllables. Yes, I'm from Georgia, and yes, my Hoosier husband probably thinks I'm nuts.

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