28 April 2015

5 Favorites: Free Printables

I'll be back with the birth story for Miss Audrey later, but the tl;dr version is: 41+5, induction, epidural, standard delivery. Overall, it was good, and we're doing good.

I yanked this one out of my posts drafts that I hadn't gotten around to. A themed 5 Favorites. I do love me some free printables.

Recipe card
And by 'card,' I mean an entire sheet of paper that goes in a sheet protector in my recipe binder. I love that these are editable pdf's so you can copy/paste and don't even have to wade through rushed handwriting.
This one from DomestiFluff is what I used 5 years ago for my sister's bridal shower cookbook.
I think this one here can actually hold more text on it for those longer recipes.

Notes for the babysitter
You can find all sorts of these all over Pinterest, but I found 3 faves.
The one shown is from here. Another nice one is over here. And lastly, this one. Oh wait, there's also this adorable one that is specifically for infants. So. Many. Options.

Yearly kid's birthday interview
Also an editable pdf, which I started this year at age 3. I'm sure my daughter's answers changed the next day, but I tucked what I got into her baby book anyway.
There's also a blue/green version, and both can be found right here.

Anything from Kendra at CatholicAllYear

Especially these lovelies:

I highly recommend reading the blog post that goes along with the Solemnities one, as well as her 10 Baby Steps to Living the Liturgical Year post. Both are full of win.

For all of Kendra's printables, check out her Pinterest board

Handwriting practice sheets
Full confession: if it weren't for Cora's daycare, I would have never known about this one. But to watch your 3-year-old write her name? Jaw-droppingly awesome.
This was all her, no help.
Fully customizable and free at handwritingpractice.net

For some other awesome free printables that may or may not fit your life, check out freeprintablesonline.com and Thirty Handmade Days and Real Life at Home


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21 April 2015

Introducing . . .

Audrey Francine
  Born April 15
8 lbs 4 oz
20¼ in

08 April 2015

Digital Nesting

I never actually 'nested' before my oldest was born. Not because she came too early or anything like that, but I just plain didn't feel like it. We got stuff done because we had to get it done (like putting the crib together), but not because I got any actual 'itch' to do it.

This time around, it's been mostly the same, minus one episode where I decided to vacuum out my car. To be fair, it was filthy.

Now that I'm 5 days overdue, my nesting (or lack thereof) has taken on an interesting form. Digital nesting. It's kind of dumb because I know I can get this kind of stuff done during a midnight nursing session after baby comes, but I want it done NOW.

I have four email addresses. FOUR. (Not including my work one.) Three with gmail, one at Yahoo. They each had their own purpose, although I might be able to phase one out. (But letting go of a primary email address that goes back almost 10 years is HARD. Like, way harder than it should be. That's literally a third of my life kinda hard.) As of 2 days ago, one gmail address had been forwarding to its own Yahoo folder, and the other 2 were just sitting out there not being checked much. I started hating how Yahoo's organization was (and it seems to keep changing), so I've decided to dump them all into one gmail account. Sounded easy enough, but I'm finding out it's a lot harder than I though, thanks to a million security features on gmail's end that I don't always know how to fix.

I'm also trying to fix commenting on this blog and when I comment on other Blogger-hosted blogs. It wasn't playing nice with a Yahoo email address any more, and everything I got was coming from no-reply email addresses and my comments on other blogs were bouncing. What a headache! I might even put CommentLuv on this site and fix some other issues I've neglected to touch.

Once I get the email situation under control, my plan is to back up some pictures to our external hard drive (and probably the cloud as well) and try to get my Documents folder under control. I promise I'm much more organized at work!

And who writes a post almost a week overdue without a bump pic? Notmesaidtheflea.
that face when you realize that you're more pregnant than you have ever been before
(40 weeks, 4 days, post-Zumba class)

Have you ever done a big digital cleanup? Or nested in an unconventional way?