13 September 2014

7 Quick Takes: Working for the Weekend

I'm alive! (Always a good thing to celebrate, right?) I started my full-time big-girl job (career?) last week and have gotten into a bit of a groove with it. Still a lot to learn, but we at least have our daily family schedule working with few hiccups.

Cora is absolutely LOVING daycare! This child is very social, so I never had any worries about her. We both went to drop her off on the first day last week, and she just marched right up to the breakfast table, pulled out a chair, and sat right down. Hardly looked back at either of us. Her teacher said it would be okay to call them to check in that first day, and that most parents do. B and I looked at each other and both said, "Yeah, we probably won't."

We didn't.

First day of school picture? Yeah, I took one.
That's her "daycare bear." She still does not know how to name things.

And here's my first day of work selfie, in my car because I got there a bit too early:

And my building:
I'm in the top floor of the building on the left.
The smaller building on the right is a long-standing novelty shop/Fort Wayne institution called Stoner's.

This downtown-working thing is . . . quite interesting. We had a bomb threat in the building the other day and had to evacuate. There was a gas leak evacuation last week that I somehow just missed having to deal with. My parking is about a block away. Fine for now, but we have really long and snowy winters here, so I will have to wear boots and tights and bundles, and then change and look presentable once I get in the building. Can't wait. (Except that I can.)

The good news is that I work 8-5 and most of my co-workers are 8:30-5:30, giving me a full half-hour to shake the snow off. But then if I want to go out for lunch? Suit up again and hike it around town to get some food. This is probably why Waiter on the Way is so successful around here, now that I think about it.

Okay, enough about work. My brain is too mushy to think of anything else halfway-interesting to say, so please enjoy this silly song about pants:

I got nothin'. If I think too hard about this, I'll never hit the Publish button.

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28 August 2014

Pick Two

I remember an old saying from my college days: Sleep, party, study: pick two. Of course I did all three, but I would say partying was pretty light for me. And only existed on weekends.

I have realized that in other parts of my life it's sorta like picking 2 out of 3.

Planning your dinner? cheap, fast, healthy: pick two (no, going to Subway is not considered 'cheap' in my realm). Finding a place to live? cost, location, safety: pick two.

Now that I'm trying to figure out the balance of being a working (outside the home) mom, I have a new dilemma: see/take care of your family, take care of yourself, take care of your house: pick two?

Of course I would love to do all three, but I know the difficulty of that. I was raised by two working parents, and they did a great job of taking care of us. However, we had a cleaning lady for the house part  (it still was pretty messy on those off-weeks), and I really don't think either of my parents did a great job of taking care of themselves. My dad now goes to the gym every morning bright and early, but it was long overdue and he has more health issues to overcome now.

I know I will put my family first, but I feel like I need to choose the second piece. It wasn't that hard to decide, but it may be harder to execute. I will put my health above having a clean house. Let me repeat: my health is more important than a clean house.

When you really think about it, someone else can come clean my house (if we have the money or I beg my MIL or whatever), but nobody else can run 3 miles for me. This will involve more sacrifices on my part, either getting up to get to the gym when it opens at 5am or staying up later to work out after Cora is in bed. Working out was easy when I was a full-time SAHM because it was part of our routine. Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9am, like clockwork. Hopefully I can get into some sort of groove with a schedule and not burn myself out.

Have you ever had to pick two?

Sidenote: I just found out there is a word for this, and it is called a trilemma. Mind = blown.

14 August 2014

Re-Joining the Rat Race

For a long time, the little blurb about me on the right sidebar of this page claimed I was an "escapee of cubicle life, faking my way through domesticity."

The latter part is still mostly true, but I am officially un-escaping office life! I just accepted an offer for a full-time, Monday-through-Friday, during waking hours, honest-to-goodness-put-your-big-girl-pants-back-on JAY OH BEE. Nay, a career. My official title (for the curious): Brokerage Assistant.

After B left his job back in May with sights set on grad school, we mutually decided I should start looking for work. I was hoping to get a few temp gigs here and there, maybe some part-time work, who really knew. Well, nothing of that sort was panning out. Don't get me wrong, I still love the idea of part-time work, but it was all selling myself short, and I knew it. This one position kicked up on monster.com, and it almost seemed tailor-made for my experience and education. Luckily, the company saw that as well. After 2 rounds of interviews (I somehow dazzled them with my winning personality in that 2nd one!), I got an offer the next day.

And I'm excited! I'm energized by the company, and I know it will be tough. But being a SAHM is tough, and I'm not sure if I really ever quite got the hang of it. The truth is, I never fully desired to be a SAHM, but instead fell into it after we moved here to Fort Wayne. So here I am, just shy of 2 years later, joining the ranks of the WOTHMs (work-outside-the-home-moms). Sure, I was raised by one, but that doesn't mean I'm not scared to death of it. It's all about finding balance, and I'm not sure I ever even achieved that when staying home.

For those of you who worrying about the 'gap' from staying at home, fear not. At least in this town, it was never frowned upon. I usually didn't bring up the fact I have a child in interviews (they can't discriminate based on it, so they usually don't ask), but I think it was often inferred. My previous experience, even from 5 years ago, did most of the talking for me, and I just led them back to that.

I have no idea where this path is going to take me, but I'm fired up and ready to start the journey. Here's to new beginnings!