14 March 2014

Happy Anniversary . . .

. . . to my parents!

Yes, I know it's "Pi Day" but this day is infinitely better because of my Mops and Pops.  33 years today!

Can't you see where I get my dashing good looks from??

I haven't talked about my parents on the blog much, so why not do a highlight reel?

  • The outgoing one
  • Bank Examiner for the Federal Government for over 30 years (yes, she has a badge!)
  • our Girl Scout leader for many, many years
  • #3 out of 6 kids
  • Always been a working mom, and has almost always been able to "do it all"
  • Hometown: Lakeland, FL (by way of a few military towns first)
  • Moved to Atlanta for her job

  • The reserved one
  • Independent Insurance Agent; works in a tiny old building in the center of a cute little town
  • Loves the Atlanta Braves
  • 4th Degree Knight of Columbus
  • Always been a working dad, but did a lot of the picking up/dropping off/making dinner when we were young
  • Has a gabillion siblings (8? 9? I keep losing count) and 20 gabillion cousins
  • Hometown: Utica, NY
  • Moved to Atlanta for college (has other family members in Georgia)
  • 100% Lebanese and taught me all the Arabic I know (which is, like, 3 words)
  • Met at a Halloween party--Mom was dressed as Raggedy Ann and Dad was a cowboy (or so the story goes)
  • Will drop anything to help friends or family (or family of friends or friends of family)
  • Dad calls Mom at 8pm sharp every night when she's away for work (which is often)
  • Will definitely come to your party as long as they don't have a conflict
  • Expert road-trippers
  • Love their kids and grandkids!

They only raised 2 kids, but they now have 3 grandkids with 2 more on the way soon! (And hopefully more from me later.)
Our little family of 4 has blossomed into a soon-to-be a dynsasty of 11 (once my sister's twins are born)


  1. Awww congrats to your parents! This was a cute post :)

  2. What a cute post, Happy Anniversary to your parents!!! My parents will be celebrating 33 years this May! :)