07 March 2014

7QT: Cancelled Plans and Hot Deals

This past weekend, I was supposed to get a weekend ALL TO MYSELF. B had Drill and was taking Cora down with him for Grandma to take care of. I went to a mom's night out at a martini bar (the most overpriced and pretentious thing in this town, but I was happy with the complimentary valet!), and then woke up the next morning sick sick sick. I couldn't even talk. So I was so glad I didn't have to take care of a kid! Or a husband. I laid in bed all day and finished book #2 of the year!
A memoir, a conversion story, and a handful of quick birth stories
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But then. Of course there's a BUT THEN. Around noontime on Saturday, while I was still lying in bed, B texted me to tell me that his Sunday drill got cancelled due to an impending snowstorm that was supposed to drop 6-12" on Indy. He and Cora would be coming home that night. We were both miffed, since if he doesn't have Sunday drill, he doesn't get paid for that day. He was happy to have a day off of either job on Sunday, though.

So he slept until 10am. Which means, on my 'me' weekend, I was up feeding breakfast to my kid at 7am. Then we had to shovel our way out to get to church. (At least I had help with that.) My MIL texted and said we'd try again for his drill in April. If it snows then, I am done with you, Indiana. So done.

After doing the 7 posts in 7 days challenge, it seems I've run out of stuff to blog about. Luckily, we're taking a mini 3-day excursion to Louisville next week, so you'll get a recap of that. My husband took the entire week off because he just 'needed a break'--he's right, he does. He worked 26 out of 28 days in Feb., and one of those days off was to attend a funeral. (He had another half-day off due to illness.)

I wanted to go somewhere close enough but south of here where they just might not have snow on the ground. Fingers crossed, but I have lots of museums and indoor activities planned. Including a trip to Krispy Kreme when the 'HOT' sign is on. Not kidding.
Of course there's an app for that
I booked our Louisville hotel through Hotwire.com, and I made out like a bandit! I did the deal where you don't know what hotel you're getting, so you get a better rate. They had a promo going where if you book through the app, you got $25 off $100. I was getting a $51/night hotel for 2 nights, so this was perfect. With all the taxes and whatnot added at the end, it came out to $100 even, and I had even figured out which hotel it is. Hopefully it treats us well. I was really just looking for somewhere with free breakfast!

This post needs another picture.
Yes, B is wearing my "Queen of Everything" apron

I have been messing around a lot with apps that make money and getting stuff for free. Just yesterday, I cashed out the money from my Ibotta app using Venmo, since there was a $5 bonus incentive. I then used a promo code from deal site Hip2Save to sign up for Citrus Lane (for Cora) for $9 for the first box. B went to Kroger and did some deal where he bought 3 boxes of his favorite cereal and it made the milk free. Then I got 50¢ back on the milk through Ibotta and 50¢ back on a 40¢ yogurt through Checkout 51. And then I decided to try Bulu Box (for me) for free by using my EarndIt points. And some awesome person used my Ting referral link, so we'll be getting another month of a cheap (maybe even free) smartphone bill.

If that wasn't enough, I currently have $30 worth of Amazon gift cards I've earned through Swagbucks and Bing Rewards that I'll be using for something soon.

That entire last take probably proves I'm nuts and/or speaking a foreign language, but it was a pretty good way to spend naptime. I'll throw in the disclaimer here that this post definitely contains affiliate links. Feel free to comment or email me asking about any of those. I don't feel like launching into 20 explanations right now. But here is the link to the post I wrote about our awesome cell phone company Ting!

Were anyone else's ashes really wet this year? I know it makes a better cross instead of just a smudge with dust in your eyes, but it felt wet for a good 10 minutes afterward!
Our #ashtag selfie. Hard to see Cora's, but it's there!

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  1. We just got a bunch of pullups basically for BOGOs since Target was giving a $15 giftcard for every two boxes you bought! Yes, I stocked up. BIG TIME. Plus I got my Cartwheel deals and 5% RedCard discount!! Next week's grocery trip should be free due to those giftcards!

  2. On the Checkout 51, do you save on name brands only? If so, is it worth it? I think you've done a post before on some of that stuff, if so, can you post a link to it in your next post please? :) Thank you!