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I've had a life-long commitment to fitness, but it has taken different forms over the past 30 years. As of now, I'm committed to running and weight-lifting because I'm motivated by having very measurable goals. Here are some of those numbers.

Personal Records
1-mile (indoor track): 7:40
4K: 21:14
5K: 26:14
4-mile: 37:16

I have yet to run a 10K, but eventually I'll have that...

Race Recaps
Galloping Gobbler 4-mile (42:48) Recap
Seton Miracle Miles 5K  (27:51) (first trimester pregnant, sorry no recap)
Matthew 25 5K (2nd place age group) Recap
Nun Run 5K (27:46) Recap
Frontier Run 'n' Fun 5K (26:14) (1st place age group) Recap
5-Kilt Run (27:16) Recap

Fort for Fitness 4-mile (37:16) Recap
Color Me Rad (untimed) Recap
Matthew 25 5K (28:17) (1st place age group) Recap
Riverfest 4K (21:14) Recap

Fiesta 5K (31:08) Recap

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Also, in July of 2014, I began a weight-lifting program (New Rules of Lifting for Women). See the link for the baselines for that program, and I will update this with PR's as I hit them!

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