28 February 2014

The Big Purse Dump in 7 Quick Takes

Double link-up time! 

Let's start with how it is now.

My Vera Bradley bag (that I got at the outlet sale last year) hang out here, and I keep my hat and gloves shoved into the top.

Now dump it!

What a mess! Sort that out.

Cora's stuff.

Those onesies are different sizes, and I don' think that cute tree one even fits any more. And I'm pretty sure the pants are highwaters now. The Cheerios? Probably been in there for months. (I gave them to her for dinner last night.) And that diaper is about to fall apart since I haven't actually changed her diaper during an outing in at least 3 months. The cute cats are a small wetbag (for cloth diapers orclothing accidents), and the white thing to its left is an emergency rag/diaper.

Hair junk.

I don't even use those running headbands for running. Or anything. (Cora likes to play with them, so one goes back in!)

Random junk.

A Metro card for the Washington, D.C. subway. (I live in Indiana, by the way.) 2 coupons to Culver's. A protein pouch I got as a freebie.

I tried the pouch later--it was a lot like the GD-test drink. 1/10 do not recommend.

Tissues. Some used.

Trash and a cough drop, neither of which I have needed for months.

Things I actually use.
Vera Bradley wallet that fits my phone in it. Still love.

What went back in:

Winter protip: gloves inside hat whenever they're not on your body.

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  1. I need to do this! I couldn't even find my camera at Science Camp this morning and I knew it was in there (and it's not a smallish camera!). (I did find it but couldn't find my tissues later). Love your bag btw! :)

  2. Scoopie points! My kids love Culvers, and it's my favorite kid's meal program because it makes them save up and wait AND they get stuff they'll actually use like a flashlight or ball. I don't think they have any locations in LA but when we visit my in laws we always go.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. My purse is an endless black hole of junk! I cleaned it out recently and was shocked at the useless finds inside! I know I'll have to do it all over again after our road trip and just might share the insides with everyone!