My name is Cat. I'm a 30-something displaced Southerner who has lived in various states* but am currently residing in Indiana. My husband was an Active Duty submariner in the Navy, but he is now a Reservist. I studied Human & Family Development and Advertising in college, and while I've held a lot of jobs, my favorite was teaching a budgeting class (for free!). After being a stay-at-home mom for a few years, I re-entered the paid workforce in the commercial real estate industry. I never drink coffee or paint my nails, but I do eat an egg for breakfast daily and occasionally use a hair dryer.

I'm singer, a runner, a baker, a road-tripper, and a lover of God.

The other loves of my life are my husband and 2 little girls.

*For the curious: GA, FL, VA, FL (different city), IN

Not enough?  Here are some more random facts about me (most are still true).

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