27 February 2014

Academy Awards BINGO

Anyone out there getting excited for the Academy Awards this weekend?

Many years ago, I lived with two roommates who LOVED movies and went and saw them all the time. They decided to host an Oscar Party in our living room, and even though I had only seen like 2 movies that year, it was loads of fun!

The first thing they gave us was a ballot to fill out. It had all the categories on it, and I did my best with it based on their reactions to all the movies they had seen all year.

The second thing they handed us was my favorite--Oscar BINGO cards! All luck, no skill, and it kept the discussion flowing, even for us who hadn't seen most of the movies. We had tons of fun with this! My roomies even had raided the dollar store for some fun prizes.

In an attempt not to re-invent the wheel, here is a printable ballot for this year's show from moviefone.

If you need some help with your choices, read the picks by the LA Times here.

Some sites with Oscar BINGO cards you can print:
HGTV: 7 Oscar Bingo Cards (this one has a good variety of basic not-too-far-fetched events that will probably happen)
Punchbowl: 15 Oscar Bingo cards (this one is very 2014-specific, and includes possible winners)
How About Orange 15 BINGO cards (no Free Space!) and Ballot

You can also make your own cards easily at this Bingo Card App site. Super easy to use!!

Or you can just print these blank ones and make everyone write in their own squares (then give it to someone else. Ha!)

Some ideas to include that may or may not be on the pre-made ones above:
Wardrobe malfunction
Someone wearing an animal
Winner mentions their children
Winner thanks their spouse
Too much cleavage
Award accepted on behalf of winner
Man in white suit/tux
Trouble with envelope
Sunglasses indoors

Do you have any ideas for BINGO or just party ideas in general you would like to add? Leave it in the comments!

I'll be watching it alone this year, but if you want to play BINGO and ballots against me on twitter, let me know! (I'm @windmill_cat, or you can click the twitter button in the sidebar and find me!)

(To be completely honest, I don't even  really WATCH movies. I want to, but it just never happens. However, I just love award shows! Especially the fashion.)

The 86th Academy Awards are Sunday, March 2nd at 7pm EST on ABC.


  1. I have a friend her dad is OBSESSED with the oscars. He will go and see any possible movie that may be a potential Oscar nominee. So much that they have seen 4 movies in a weekend before to "catch up." I can remember her complaining how half the movies she never even liked or understood. I just like to read the results but this might be fun via twitter.

    I like that make your own bingo card site I need to do that for my sisters bridal shower!

  2. I don't think I've ever watched the Oscars all the way through, but this does sound like a fun party idea. :) Vote for Frozen - it was amazing! There were so many awesome themes, great music, good story, likable characters, etc - so good! Okay, I'll stop promoting Frozen now, haha. :D Have fun!