30 March 2014

What I Wore and What We'll Eat

Double link-up Sunday, because, well, because I want to.
Outfits over thisaway.

Top and skirt: thrifted
Leggings: so old I don't remember, but I ran a 5K in them once
(ugh, can't wait until I don't need leggings for the simple task of walking outside
[read: it snowed AGAIN yesterday])
Boots: from Shoe Carnival, last year--and I think they may make it to next winter!
And the scarf? Oh, I just happened to WIN this lovely thing from a giveaway at Jenna's blog. It's from the Etsy shop DesignedByChloe, and it is awesome. It's in the 2 colors that can never go wrong for me--University of Georgia colors! She also sent me the nicest little hand-written note, so that's a double dose of awesome. Check out her shop for cute stuff and what looks to be free shipping (seriously, girl‽).

I really wanted to wear my hair down to church, but it got super-static on my coat right before we left. Lilla Rose to the rescue.
It doesn't match, and I don't care.

Now on to this week's noms.
Jessica Lynn Writes
Meal ideas over thataway.
Sunday: Chicken Parmesan. I better figure out the recipe, but I bet Betty Crocker has one, right?

Monday: Leftovers OR Breakfast for Dinner. I have no idea how much stretch that chicken parm will have to it, so I made a contingency plan.

Tuesday: B cooks. Knowing him, it will involve chicken, but if breakfast for dinner doesn't happen on Monday, I might push him that way.

Wednesday: Tacos. Who can argue with taco night?

Thursday: Pizza. Such an ambitious week over here.

Friday: Fish fry! At our church. All you can eat. Thank you, Lent.

Saturday: Ranch Pork Chops. Saturdays are tough around here because we go to church on Saturday night and I have to scrounge up dinner quickly when we get back. Unless I use the slow cooker, which is precisely my strategy!

I have also switched out my monthly meal planner to a calendar-style. All meals subject to change, as always.


  1. seriously looks delicious; I want to eat at your house this week!

  2. I love the pattern on your skirt - it is so pretty and feminine. Your menu reminds me that I need to add in some more leftover days.

  3. Mmmm...breakfast for dinner is a great idea! I might need to do that next week!

  4. Thanks for linking me, Cat! I'm glad you like the scarf. My Spring line is also coming out this month, featuring some cute bows and headbands, and maybe a couple Spring and Summer scarves. Feel free to pop over and take a look!
    -Chloe :)

  5. I've made those ranch pork chops before! They were SUPER good. Super.