26 March 2014

5 Favorites: Intangibles

Many of these are digital, all are awesome.


I love this for easily getting my pictures and videos from phone to computer. I like filing them off into their correct folder (all of my pictures are arranged by monthly folders on my computer), so I go through my phone about once a week and just do a big dump to Dropbox.

This is the most awesome and easy budgeting software around. We used mint.com (and still do), but that was a more reactive look at what we had spent. With YNAB, it's more proactive in telling our money where to go. It also has an app in which I can just enter my purchases on my phone and it syncs up to the YNAB on my computer. Super cool.

YNAB usually sells for $60, but they run specials sometimes. Twice a year they'll usually offer it on Steam for $15, and that's how I got ours. You can also just try it out for a month for free.

Oh, and good news for the college kids out there: yesterday YNAB announced that college students can get it for free!!

Single-stream Curbside Recycling
I uploaded this crappy picture with Dropbox, see?
This is obviously not digital, and it is kind of tangible but not really. After years of living in apartment complexes that refused to have recycling bins, this is a godsend. I used to collect our recyclables and take them somewhere in town (and in this town, you had to sort them at the site in the cold). But now we live in  house and have a HUGE bin that's the size of our actual trash can, and pick-up is every other week. It's beautiful. We usually have at least 2x the amount of recyclables as we do trash.

ACPL Mobile

Yep, another app, this time for our public library system here! I pretty much never have late fees any more because it notifies me on my phone a day or 2 before something is due, and then I can just hit a few buttons and renew it if need be. It's super user-friendly, which is exactly what I need.


This is a yearly thing where you shut off all your lights for one hour. This year's event is this Saturday, Mar. 29 at 8:30-9:30pm your local time. I've participated in years past, then forgot about it for a few years, but I am ready to do this again! Here's a handy FAQ if you want to know more.

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