30 July 2010

and now for a quiz

One of the slightly more useful things I've learned from my husband's military job is the existence of the ICAO alphabet.  We actually just call it the "(standard) phonetic alphabet," and sometimes I annoy B by trying to rattle the whole thing off on my own.  There's always a few I can't remember, and he holds out on me until I cave.  Whether I can remember them or not, I can recognize immediately who knows it and who doesn't when I'm conducting phone business or whatever.  A is not for Apple, and D is not for Dog.  If you know anything about this, check your knowledge with this quiz over at mental_floss.  This picture to the right should help jog your noggin!

And if you know nothing about it, read up on it over at Wikipedia and start memorizing!  It will help your life, I promise.


  1. Hahaha, super fun! Mike always gets me and I thought golf was gulf for the longest time! I had a boyfriend in the army {shhhh!} who MADE me learn these and would quiz me!

  2. I always forget November. It's the only month on there.

  3. They do come in handy. I was once lost and I said to the person on the phone l as in lima and in reply she said roger. I found it amusing for some reason.