03 July 2010

nine months

 As of today, July the 3rd, B and I have been married 9 months.  Enough time to make and pop out a baby, and if I were like my friend the Dadmeister, that baby would've been born yesterday.  But alas, we are not parents yet, we are not expecting to be parents yet, and we are not even on the same continent to perform the prerequisite activities it takes to become parents yet.  I kinda doubt B even realizes that today is nine months, nor does he probably care.  The only date he has ever wanted to celebrate of our entire relationship is our wedding date.  I tried to make up an anniversary date when we were dating (it was in February), but he never really was into it even though it would've given him a good excuse to skip Valentine's Day (which he's not much into either).  So the next 'relationship length of time' celebration will be October 3rd.  And it better be awesome.

p.s. No, I've never seen that movie. But I do like me some Hugh Grant.


  1. Congrats on your nine months Anniversary!

    ps This movie is hysterical! :)
    pps Me loves me some Hugh Grant too!! ;)

  2. Thanks! And thanks for adding me to your bloglist!

    I promise to watch that movie soon.