18 July 2010

a 101 update: blueberry cobbler

About a week ago, I started a new project.  I thought I'd update y'all with my progress.

I have now accomplished 1/5 of my #47: Learn to make 5 new desserts. (edit 7/28:  The number has been upped to 10!  I have over 2 years left here, after all!)

I went blueberry picking with a friend last Friday, and after using my blueberries in muffins and smoothies, I decided to try cobbler.  Well, actually, I was planning on making dump cake, but couldn't find a recipe that fed anything less than the entire crew of B's submarine (due to the use of a an entire box of yellow cake mix, which I am not willing to halve/eighth/sixteenth-ify), so I settled on dump cake's closest relative: cobbler.  The great thing about the recipe I used is that it only made 6 servings, and it was easy to halve and make in a loaf pan instead of a big casserole dish.  I won't be posting the recipe, but I will tell you that it was given to me by an old friend.

In my single-minded focus to get rid of all my blueberries (I only had a pound to begin with, but nobody but myself to eat them!), I forgot to take pictures of the process and even the final product.  Well, lucky for you, I still have 1/3 of it left (to be eaten shortly), so here's my slightly-disgusting picture of my first-ever cobbler.  (That pan is gonna be hell to scrub tonight.)  What I loved about making this was that I inadvertently learned how to make pie filling, which will come in handy when I tackle my #15 (making a pie from scratch).

As for some of my other projects, I have indeed started a coloring book (#46), and I am 8 chapters through Genesis (#27).

I have plans for Friday to knock out a full task, but I'll save the details for then.  Check out the rest of my list here!

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  1. This project is a great idea! I think I may have to make my own list:)