09 July 2010

friday happy hour q&a

I know there's a MilSpouse Friday Fill-in floating around, and I know that I had started doing a Follow Friday, and I know that I still need to share my review of the Michael Bublé concert(s), but I mostly know that I get bored of consistency, and it's my blog, and I will write whatever the heck I want when I want.

So today, I am using the Friday Happy Hour questions from Jason English over at mental_floss.  Because I like the questions.  Well, some of them.  I think I might throw in one of the MilSpouse questions just for kicks.  My blog, my way, right?

1. What’s the longest you’ve slept at a time? And the much more interesting follow-up: what were you doing beforehand to make you so tired?
When I was studying abroad in Italy, I did a bit of weekend travel by myself (which I will never do again in a country where I don't know the language).  I can't remember exactly which (mis)adventure I had come back from, but I got back Sunday morning, went to church, and then immediately went to bed.  All I remember was a huge thunderstorm, my roommate walking back in, and then sleeping all the way up until class on Monday morning.  So I guess that's about 18 hours or so?

2. If we sponsored a Housework Olympics, at what event would you excel?
Just put me in the decathlon, I do it all! 

3. I was talking with someone yesterday about how “Where do you think LeBron’s going?” had seeped into our conversational lives, temporarily replacing “How about this weather?” (A common follow-up: “That Nets owner sure is tall, huh?”) With James headed to Miami, I guess it’s back to chatting about humidity. Is there a specific topic you use as conversational filler? What do you talk about when there’s nothing to talk about?
Well, no one asked me about LeBron, but I love to tell people that he's my cousin!  (My maiden name is James.)   But as for this question, I may talk a lot (so usually there isn't a lull), but I'm not a fan of small talk.  I usually just look away or start asking specific questions about that person's baby/job/house/etc.  However, I think my stock conversational filler should be "Did you know the gestation period of an elephant is 22 months?"

4. Tell us one interesting fact you learned from whatever book you’re reading.  
My current read is Chuck Klosterman's Killing Yourself to Live: 85% Of a True Story and I've learned two things: 1) Minneapolis is home to a lot of rock critics and 2) the "American Pie" airplane went down somewhere in Iowa.  Oh, make that three things - I also learned that this book isn't nearly as good as the author's previous one, Sex Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.

5. What canceled TV show do you miss the most?
"Gilmore Girls," hands down.  I'm still mad at the creators/head writers for leaving before the 7th season.  It's awful how all that workplace drama can affect the outcome of your entertainment.  That season wasn't very good, and it's one of the worst series finales ever.

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  1. I agree about Gilmore Girls. I loved that show. Unfortunately, I didn't see all of the episodes of the last couple of seasons because I was in grad school at the time and had so much school work. Sometimes I think about renting the last couple of seasons.