13 July 2010

ode to the airblade

When I traveled around the U.K. back in May, I got to experience first-hand (literally, in this case) the newest and best restroom hand dryer in the world. This even beats paper towels.  Ladies and gents, I present to you the Dyson Airblade!

To use it, you basically move your hands up and down for about 10 seconds (like in this video), and when you walk away, your hands are pretty much completely dry.  No wiping your hands on your jeans afterwards, no water dripping up to your elbow. 

I don't know what took so long for the laws of gravity to incorporated into the act of drying your hands, but it's good to be living in the third millennium now that the engineers have figured it out.   It also apparently uses up to 80% less energy than other dryers, and it's pretty hygienic.  Also, the "blade" of air is not nearly as painful as those super-powerful (and super-loud) XLERATOR dryers.  I always feel like I'm gonna get blown into the next town over when I use those.

I'd mostly seen these in Edinburgh and London, but if you'll be around D.C., they have them in the Museum of the American Indian restrooms.  I even made it a point to show my mom when we were there.  Not sure she was as impressed . . . maybe I'm the only one that gets excited about washing and drying my hands.

Can you imagine what the future might look like if we adapted this type of thing to our household drying situations?  No more need for bathroom towels, just stand in this contraption for 10 seconds and you're done!  Or what about as a hair dryer or used in your dishwasher?  The future is simply dripping with possibilities!

Has anyone else out there had the privilege to experience the wonderful Airblade?  Whaddaya think?


  1. ive actually seen that hand dryer at an airport somewhere and it IS pretty sweet! and if they came out with a hair dryer that can do the trick in 10 seconds, i would totally invest!

  2. I'm a new follower stopping by to say hello! Glad we're all in this crazy Navy life together!


    PS: You are not alone... I had to show everyone the Airblade's when I found them! Apparently this was old news to my dad who's had them at his work's restrooms for months. I'm glad to see I'm not the only who found this exciting!

  3. I kinda want to try one now. If I remember correctly Dyson is a British company hence why it's seen more over there. And it has crazy expensive products probably why it's not everywhere. But they have cool stuff.

  4. My husband loves them! He made me go back into the womens rest room when he first saw it in the mens room and made me try it. I like them a lot!