02 July 2010

follow friday

Another Friday, another follow.  And like last week's, this one will keep you laughing on a daily basis.  Part of the Cheezburger Network (you know, of LOLcats fame), Failbook is hands-down my favorite of the failblogs.

Name: Failbook
URL: http://failbook.com
Tagline: Too Funny to Unfriend
Twitter: @failbooking
Facebook Page:  Oddly enough, it does have one-- Failbook

I love love love the FAIL blog, but all of those idiotic parking accidents and oddly-worded church signs and crap newscasting can get a wee bit tiring sometimes.  Sometimes you just need a consistent format and a certain shade of blue to let you know you're not alone.  Luckily for this site, there are a lot of idiots on Facebook, especially since it expanded beyond its former identity as an exclusively collegiate network.  In the past few years, Facebook has become a hot-bed for both grammar-phobic teenagers and oddly enough, their Gen-X parents.  And sometimes the parent comments really make the Fail worth reading.  So, friends, edit your status updates carefully, or you just might find your last name blocked out and your words being shamelessly heckled among all the other imbeciles on Failbook.  Happy Facebooking!

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