02 August 2010

a pier-less homecoming

Yesterday morning, I awoke and immediately took to the computer to start tracking flights. He had started his day-long "tour of airports" while I was still out enjoying the Ghent Summer Bar Crawl (and regretting that final shot).  When I awoke, I found that B had landed on time in Munich, then landed his connection in Frankfurt. As I was walking to mass, he was boarding his trans-continental flight to D.C.

I made my preparations after I got back.

It seems so simple, but I was more than excited to have 2 towels hanging in the bathroom!

At the last FRG meeting, I won a "homecoming prep kit" -- I didn't know then that I would be need it so soon:
B and I are not the most festive people in the world, so this "patriotic bunting" is quite out of place for us.

Of course I had to decorate our front door:

Let's take a closer look at that:

I am by no means an artist.  Or even an elementary school teacher.

Around 10pm or so, I headed over to the Norfolk airport to anxiously await his arrival.  Since I wouldn't be getting a flower from him like you get on the pier, I headed to the Dollar Tree (before 6pm; it was Sunday after all!) and got some balloons for him instead.  And I tied them to a bottle of Gatorade to weigh them down, because balloon weights are just a waste of money.

Retired sailors are everywhere in Norfolk, and they're all super-friendly.  The lovely wife took my picture!

 This sign was right next to me.  Yea!

And now for the man of the hour!

4 flights, 28 sleepless hours, over 100 pounds of luggage, no more duty days ever(!), and 2 sissy balloons

Leaving the airport around midnight, and showing him that I'd gotten better at one-arm photography

And before you think everything is just sunshine, rainbows, and a second honeymoon, let's remember there was a reason he was sent home early instead of coming on the boat.  He dumped all 4 bags onto the living room floor when we got in last night, and started wading through it to find a clean uniform he could wear into squadron today (and his LT bars, which he got freakin' 9 months ago but never tacked on).  Then we spent the entire morning at the Personal Property Office, setting up our move and begging our landlord to extend our lease another 10 days.  Quite romantic, indeed.

The room looks slightly better now, but only thanks to the gabillion loads of laundry I've been doing.

We may not have gotten the "romance" of the pier (or him in his Whites!) this time, but I sure am glad to have him home!!


  1. yay! so happy for you that he's home! and your sign looks good! much better than anything i've tried to make before. :)

  2. We've had quite a few pierless homecomings-not quite as exciting but I was always so glad & relieved to have him home! Enjoy your time!

  3. So glad he's home!! Your sign was super cute!! :)

  4. Yay for having your husband back! I found your blog through the Milspouse Blogging Community, and I'm your newest follower :)


  5. Enjoy having your hubby home! And your sign is great...in my former life I was a teacher...a middle school teacher cause I'm not an artist! The kids had to make due with stick figures:)

  6. Welcome home, Brian! I don't mean to blow a surprise, but I think your wife is ready for lots of babies now! :)

  7. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! PS I am right across the bridge from you!

  8. We did one of these "pier-less" homecomings when my husband came home early from a deployment so we could PCS to Rhode Island. I remember the 100 lbs. of luggage, too! And one exhausted hubbby after flying from West Africa to Lisbon to Newark to Norfolk. We were so glad to have him home!