17 February 2014

7 Years, 3 Years

7 years ago today was a good day. It was the first time that "I love you"s were exchanged between B and me, immediately following my cousin's wedding. My cousin and her husband are an awesome married couple, so I always love thinking about how we share that special day.

3 years ago yesterday was not a good day. After 10 weeks of my first pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. I wrote about it on the blog way back then. But now, 3 years later, I'm reflecting on it again.  Today, Messy Wife, Blessed Life has a post I wrote in which I explain some lessons I learned from my experience.
 Over these past few years, I realize I learned a few things from my miscarriage. Most of them are good.
1. That I Actually Am Fertile  For most women that that struggle with infertility, getting the positive test is most of the battle. We had been charting for a year (but not for ttc purposes), but a pretty cycle doesn't always equal fertility.  I actually had no reservations that it would be our only positive test.
2. What Pregnancy Feels Like . . . and Doesn't
  . . . read more at Messy Wife, Blessed Life
I'm glad I have this optimistic perspective after 3 years, but I am also very very thankful that our "I love you" anniversary was spared.

(Mandi, the author of Messy Wife, Blessed Life is currently in the process of her second miscarriage within the span of just a few short months, so can I urge you to head over and just check out her site and show her some love? I know all your kind comments on my blog 3 years ago really helped me out a lot.)

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