25 November 2012

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 6)

Link up your church attire with Fine Linen and Purple
My husband now refuses to take my picture for me. Once he heard the word "blog" he went running the other direction. It would probably be better if we weren't always rushing out the door for mass every week. We finally got to try a new church today, which our GPS had never heard of and wasn't marked on our map. I had a vague idea of the directions based on my online research last night. We made it before the processional was over, but this church filled up fast! And its attendees didn't know how to scoot to the center of a long pew so the stragglers (there were a lot of us) could fill in easily. An usher came to our rescue after the "Gloria" was over. I still remember back in college the reader would make a pre-mass announcement to get close and make some room.

Well, I now either have to use self-timer or do mirror shots. Here is my attempt at a selfie:
This is my "slightly peeved with my husband" look
Shirt: H&M // Pants: Old Navy // Shoes: they're actually knee-high boots from DSW (Impo brand I think?) (These are the only shoes I could wear that made the pants not drag on the ground) // Necklace: made by my aunt // Watch: a gift from a long time ago (I rarely wear it and found out today that it needs a new battery)

But really, who am I kidding here? The churches here don't want to pay to heat their spaces, so this is what I really looked like the entire hour:
Check out my "after mass" hair
The coat is from Old Navy, and yes it is too big. I've had it since college, and my mom convinced me I needed to "size up" to fit however many layers underneath there. What my mom didn't realize is that coats add that extra room to your regular size (at least all of mine do, that is). Never take coat-buying advice from someone who grew up in Florida and then moved to Atlanta. Remember that, everyone.

I have actually bought a new coat, but I still haven't committed to it enough to wear it or even take the tags off. I thought I wanted a colored coat--like burgundy or at least a light gray, but I also didn't want a pea coat again (so many useless buttons!). Well, I found a gorgeous coat at Burlington and it is black black black. But it was too nice not to buy. And unlike the pea coat above, it actually buttons all the way up the neck so I don't really need a scarf. I should probably just wear it and get it over with already! Next week, my friends. Next week. Feel free to hold me accountable.


  1. my curiosity is peaked on the black black coat - definitely wear it and give us a look! love the tailored shirt with the grey pants!

  2. Hahahaha... I am crackin' up at this post... b/c I can totally see B refusing and your face made me laugh.

  3. Oh girl...you should come to our sauna of a church. WTH? It's like 80 degrees in there! Anyway.

    Love that shade of blue on you. Looks gorgeous :)

  4. Oh my goodness- I have to rush Gene out the door about 30 minutes early so that I can have time for him to take pictures and get them right and we can get on the road in a timely manner! I say- show us this black black coat!