27 November 2012

30 Things I'm Thankful For

It seems like all my Facebook buddies are doing this, which is great and all.  But I don't like updating my Facebook daily (and many of them have gotten way behind or abandoned the idea by now), so here is my "thankfulness dump" I'll do it here in one post, and hooray, it won't take me all month!  Genius, right? (Of course I would have had to start 27 days ago, so maybe I'm just lazy.)

In mostly stream-of-consciousness order, I am thankful for these things:
  1. Good health for me, husband, and baby
  2. My husband
  3. Our baby
  4. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit; our faith
  5. My husband's job
  6. The internet
  7. My college degree
  8. Our home
  9. Living near family members
  10. Having the option to be a SAHM
  11. Music and my singing voice
  12. Over-the-air (read: FREE) television (and Hulu)
  13. My parents
  14. My car
  15. Friends and family both near and far
  16. That my baby keeps a schedule now
  17. Breastfeeding and a vaginal delivery
  18. Electricity, heat, and indoor plumbing
  19. Literacy
  20. The public library
  21. Our gym
  22. Laughter
  23. Clean water
  24. Blogging and the friendships it has led me to
  25. The many adventures I have had
  26. In-laws. Mine are pretty cool :-)
  27. Pizza, chocolate, and other good food
  28. Love
  29. Hope
  30. Charity
Also, I absolutely adore this VeggieTales song, and I think it is fitting for this post!

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