06 November 2012

I Didn't

I didn't vote. And I'm not proud about that. I actually missed it due to something known as PPP. Piss poor planning.

I'm still a resident of Virginia, even though I haven't set foot in the state in two years. We moved to Indiana after the cut-off to register (and I still need to become an official resident). I missed the deadline to get my absentee ballot because I was too busy with . . . life.

The weird thing is that I'm not 100% sure who I would have voted for anyway. I'm Catholic, but I don't believe in single-issue voting, so I jump around a bit. And as for Virginia local elections, I'm very very out of the loop, so I didn't even want to vote on those. I'm actually more in tune with a referendum about charter schools down in Georgia since I have so many educator friends and family members back home. B voted early the week we hung out in his hometown since his residency has remained there the entire time he spent in the Navy. He won't tell me which presidential candidate he voted for, and that's fine. My parents never told me which way they voted when I was growing up, but I figured it out after a while.

I've always hated politics anyway. I don't make it a habit of griping about those in office, and when other people start bashing a candidate I generally remain stone-faced and silent. There have been a few ads or reports on television that I have hollered about to B--mostly because of the overly dramatic propaganda cinema and sound clips taken out of context--but he is the only one who gets to hear it. Now that I didn't exercise my right to vote, it's definitely not my right at all to complain. Not until the next election, and I promise I will be voting here in Indiana for that.

I hope you weren't like me. I hope you did your civic duty and voted. As for myself, I think I'll go to bed early tonight.


  1. I didn't register in time either...

  2. I didn't vote in 2000 or 2004 because of PPP. Life goes on. I still like you:)

    We didn't talk politics often in my house growing up but I always knew who my parents voted for (always different people!) I know who my dad would have voted for in this election because I know what he voted by:) I do know how my husband voted for because we talk politics pretty often. Or rather he talks and I listen and interject now and then because politics aren't my cup of tea but he enjoys it. The things we do for marriage:)