08 November 2012

We Are Joiners

B and I made the executive decision that we should join the Y. So on Monday, we did!

There is a Y right down the street from us--less than a 5-minute drive (but no sidewalks to walk there)--so we had discussed it a few times. Googled it, toured it, found out it included childcare up to 2 hours a day and a pretty sweet rock-climbing wall, and we were sold!

Don't hate us, but neither of us actually need to lose weight. Surprisingly, I weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy, but it's probably not a good thing. I do have some love handles that seemed to have sprung out of nowhere that I'd like to lose. Oh, and maybe I might actually get some muscles on this body . .  and GAIN weight in mass.

B is excited to teach me to lift. We went for the first time yesterday, and he taught me how to use the squat rack. It was scary. He also taught me how to bench press. Well, technically I used to bench press in high school, and I eventually even got strong enough to lift more than the bar (45 pounds for all you non-gym rats). I have gotten much weaker in the past ten years, obviously, since B ended up having to scrounge up a 35-pound bar for me to bench press when I couldn't do the regular bar. So my goal is to work my way up. Baby steps, people!

I'm also excited to get back into step aerobics, which I have missed dearly for the past two years. There are actually a handful of group exercise classes I'm wanting to try. I might even pay a little extra and do some swim classes with baby. Oh, and maybe through all of this we'll actually meet people and make some friends in this are who aren't relatives? What a novel idea.


  1. Honestly, joining the gym has been one of the best things we've done since M was born. I'm like you... not trying to lose weight, just toning. But gym time has become my hour of "me" time every day. Sometimes it is just nice to drop M off and do a class or run. Have fun!

  2. That sounds awesome! Hopefully you can also meet people at your new parish maybe? That's where we've scrounged up all our friends up here in the Mitten :)