23 March 2011

what's growing on my patio?

So the last place I lived in Virginia, we didn't have a patio. I was majorly bummed when Spring came and I could not plant anything. Actually, I was so bummed that I ended up volunteering with the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

I don't really have a green thumb, though.  When I had that no-patio place, I tried to have a house plant--a cactus.  And I'm not sure if I actually killed it, but it attracted so many gnats that I chucked it.

But now I have an awesome patio!  And this is north Florida, so the stores had all the gardening stuff out on the shelves by the end of January.  I didn't do anything until March 1st and felt like I was behind.  But over the next two weeks, I got my patio to the state I want it.  I love it, and it makes me so happy!

Large tables don't fit so well on these patios, but this 30" square one does fine.  Shade-loving impatiens for the centerpiece.  Green bell peppers and tomatoes are on the left.

Strawberries in the red pot with other plants behind
Early Girl tomatoes -- supposedly best for potting!

3 things I planted from seed:  beefsteak tomatoes (pot too small? probably), basil, and various wildflowers.  All are thriving.

The hardest part of my garden so far was finding a planter that fit on the rail.  Most are made for a wide wooden rail.  I still had to tweak this one be turning the brackets around.  Fingers crossed it doesn't fall.  The planter receives the most sun, so I put some pretty annuals in there.  We'll see how well that works.

I've already forgotten the name of this flower.  Help?  Edit 3/27 my MIL says it's Salvia
 And then I got one--and only one--house plant.

Beautiful mini orchid
So pretty, and so easy to care for

 I'll post some update pictures in a few weeks so you can watch the plants grow.  I promise it's better than watching paint dry.  (And my "pots of dirt" have already started sprouting!)

Have you started any spring gardening yet?


  1. *GASP* Love the garden!!

    Unfortunately, we are moving in a few months, but we do have a large pot of spinach growing. Last summer, we had broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, basil, and chives. All thanks to Hubby- he's the green thumb around here.

    We grew two tomato plants, one in a pot and one in a Topsy Turvy (just to see what it's like). The one in the Topsy Turvy grew so well! I'd definitely recommend it- we harvested a lot more tomatoes from that one.

  2. LOVE orcids! Have you ever had success in getting them to rebloom?

    When we lived in Norfolk I volunteered at NBG for the last 2 years back in the nursery with Don. Made some really great friends there! I miss it!

  3. Lucky for us, our flowers never die out here :D So I've been enjoying GORGEOUS flowers since we moved in back in November. I would love to try some veggies, but I manage to kill everything I plant. I hope your do well! Cute little patio!

  4. gardening is the one thing I have always wanted to do and just cant get the hang of it. I have literally killed every plant I have ever had. It is sad really lol! Someday maybe, I just might get one to last longer than a month.

  5. Jealous! I usually stick to planting a ton of fresh herbs, but with us moving in June and trying to get the house rented, it's just not worth the money this year...

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