28 March 2011

music monday: key-dollar-sign-ha

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with Ke$ha?  Or maybe it's just me.

Like most people, I think she's ridiculous!  Her songs definitely glamorize clubbing every night, drinking in excess, and being promiscuous.  Yes, a hedonistic lifestyle that I don't agree with and never participated in anyway (not even when I was 22 and single).  She's been criticized for objectifying men, but that's definitely a double standard since rap guys objectify women all the time.  I'm not saying that makes it okay, though, since I actually hate songs that objectify women and barred the DJ from playing "Baby Got Back" at my own wedding reception (true fact!).  So if you're gonna hate on her, don't do it for that reason.

What actually makes Ke$ha a decent artist is that even when you hear a new song of hers, you always know who it is.  A signature sound is a great thing for an artist to have (as long as every song doesn't sound exactly the same).  Ke$ha's hallmark of rap/talk plus irreverent lyrics plus electronica/autotune makes her stand out from the crowd.  So much so that she actually had quite a few hits last year. 

But I mostly love her because her songs are so damn catchy!  And they make me laugh.  I think "Your Love Is My Drug" is my favorite, except for the last 20 seconds.  Last week at the library when I was perusing through the CD's (it's a habit), I came across her two albums and actually checked them out for the comedic value.  She did not disappoint!  Two of my 'favorites' are below on the playlist.  (Pardon the profanity, but remember this is Ke$ha.)

The first one got stuck in my head pretty quickly, but that second song is truly, truly terrible.  Also, if you think her songs are hilarious, check out some of the parodies!  A fave of mine is below.  (The Key of Awesome has some more amazing videos, and you can waste a whole night laughing your bum off watching their videos, so caveat emptor, y'all.)

So what's your opinion on Ke$ha?  Good, bad, ugly?  (All of the above?)  And did you not just love that amazing parody?


  1. I agree. I definitely have a love hate relationship with her. I really can't stand to watch her perform, she is way too awkward. She makes me feel uncomfortable. It's like watching a train wreck. But with that said, her music is really catchy and I find myself dancing to it all the time in the club. GAH!

  2. I have purchased her first album on iTunes and love to sing along on the radio... as a human being I don't really care for her. Definitely the love hat thing going on!

  3. Yes--I think good, bad, and ugly pretty much sums it up. You make a good point, though--no matter how objectionable Ke$ha might be, she IS recognizable.

    Also, I have to share this Star-Wars-themed Tik Tok spoof with you, just in case you haven't seen it. Yes, I'm a geek.


  4. If I can ONLY listen not watch her Perform I love some of her songs! But I am not a HUGE fan.

  5. I have to say, I love me some Kesha! :) Her songs are my go to songs when I'm getting ready to go out with the girls! They are so fun and catchy! I don't think she's a good role model for young girls or anything, but as an adult who enjoys having a drink and hanging out with my girlfriends, I like her music. Thanks for sharing! The parody is hilarious! :)

  6. It's so weird because her voice doesn't at all fit her when you see her...but it does fit her after you've heard her other songs...does that make sense? She annoys me too. I've read that she is a HUGE party-go-er and is into drugs bad. That really turns me off of an artist when I hear that kind of stuff.

    Thanks for linking up this week. The video was interesting to watch.

  7. I can't say I've ever actually heard anything by her (except for the song on that Glee episode, of course). And I'm not really planning on starting so I didn't play that link you have. But good for you for blogging about how you enjoy her. :-)

  8. Last year, right before my hubs left for deployment, TikTok was on TV and my ten year old son got all excited. Hubs and I laughed at him, but then hubs went onto iTunes and BOUGHT the song for his own iPod. I laughed so hard picturing my hubs 'over there' rocking out to Ke$ha! He's normally a classic rock guy. :)