22 March 2011

a bandwagon! a bandwagon!

Yep, I've become a BALLER.  A cake baller, that is!

Sprinkles were definitely the easiest decoration
 I was inspired, of course, by Bakerella (the gal who made it trendy and put them on a stick), and also this blog which saved me from taking pictures of the process for you because she already did!  I even made the exact same kind, strawberry cake, mixed with strawberry frosting, dipped in chocolate almond bark.

My mom reminded me that these are nothing new, though.  Anyone ever had petit fours?  Yeah, cake balls are basically those, just a lot less fancy (and thus, in my opinion, way more American).

And it makes a mess the size of Texas!  Or maybe that's just me?
One thing I will warn you, if you attempt this, just one box of cake mix makes a TON!  I think I had about 80 cake balls for a potluck that was then canceled.

Luckily I was invited to another potluck a few days later.


  1. My daughter bought her cookbook for me for Christmas & we've been cake balling away!! We've made lions, footballs for the Super Bowl, regular balls, the cupcakes (all of these on sticks). The cupcakes were quite challenging & I dont think we will make those anymore..lol..but we are addicted!

  2. Those are a great idea for a pot luck! I think I may have to try making some for our church's Lent soup suppers:) Thanks!

  3. i looove bakerella! i feel like i put on the pounds by just LOOKING at her yummy pics! lol

    but when i saw this post, i kinda freaked because my obsession for the last week has been the new CAKE POPS from starbucks!! those things are soo sweet but sooo yummy! (tiramisu is the best!) ive never had the desire to make them until this week so you read my mind!! did u use a bakerella recipe?

  4. @Marj: I didn't really use a Bakerella recipe, I just got a cheap box of cake mix and a tub of frosting, and went for it! I had my first Starbucks cake pop about a week before making these just to make sure it's what I wanted to do. The Birthday Cake Pop was yummy!

  5. I love cake balls...and can't have them in the house or I'll eat them all myself.