03 March 2011

101 update: casinos, dental floss, Buzz Lightyear

 I haven't done a 101 update in a while, but rest assured that I'm still going strong to accomplish my list.

I got to add two movies to my #74: Watch 10 of IMDB's Top 250 Movies that I've never seen before.  I finished out the Toy Story trilogy that I began in December with Toy Story 3, currently #30 on the list.  I didn't tear up at the end like my mommy-friends, but I know I came close.  However, Toy Story 2 still remains my favorite because I thought the plot was the best of the three.  I just really liked that whole thing with the collector and a different take on toys.

The other movie I just watched was The Social Network, #183.  (This will probably get knocked off the list eventually, but my rule is that it has to be on the list at the time I see it.)  The Oscar-nominated cinematography was almost too dark for home-viewing, and the dialogue was so fast it was almost dizzying.  I haven't looked into how factual the movie lines up to reality, but I did realize that I joined Facebook before they hit 1 million users.  And it has always bothered me that Mark Zuckerburg is less than a month older than me.  Guess we can't all be billionaires.

44. Floss every day for a month.  I started on January 30 to get ready for my dentist appointment a week later.  I'm pleased to say that I fooled them and have maintained flossing every night, even though it's a tedious task when all I want to do is go to bed..  However, I didn't even have to buy floss--we have so many samples and leftovers lying around that I've just been going through them.  The other times I've flossed I took a break when I went on vacation (still flossed in New Orleans!) and stopped altogether when I ran out of floss.  Maybe I'll go stock up some more before that happens.

At the casino with my remaining chips
95.  Gamble at a table game in a casino.  We went to Harrah's while in New Orleans so I could cross this one off.  Thank God that B was with me--it was so intimidating and there's a lot of unspoken rules that you just have to know that I almost didn't do it.  He urged me to try Craps because you get to throw the dice, but I couldn't figure out how the game was played by simply watching.  So I played Roulette instead.  I should have thought up a systematic way to do it so I wasn't just blindly scrambling around to put down the $10 minimum bet each time.  Because I have a good amount of self-control, I lost a total of $46.

I realized when I was pregnant that there's a lot of things on my list I couldn't do.  I guess I need to get crackin' on them before I get pregnant again!  I think I'll start with #42:  making cocktails.  :-)

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  1. I wasnt a flosser either until I had braces..then ya kind of have to..good luck with keeping it up!!