07 March 2011

music monday: preview of my chorale music

So after my barbershop debacle, I soon found a choir around these parts that I actually enjoy.  It's the Gulf Coast Chorale, and little did I know upon joining it that almost all our music is old hymns!  Our director is very talented, and most of our music is made up of his arrangements.  Even though I'm from the South, I was raised in the Catholic traditions, so I'm not very familiar with old Southern Baptist hymns, which is mostly what we're singing (even though our performances will be in the Catholic churches).

There was one song though, that I actually recognized.  And for that I can thank Faith Evans and this line in a popular song from my youth:

Over ten years later, and thanks to the Chorale, I learned that it's the first line in "I'll Fly Away," which is the name of our Spring concert and a song we'll be performing in it.  There's a ton of versions on Youtube, and we'll probably sound most like this one (with more soprano and better vowel-shaping), but I really really love the Alison Krauss duet with Gillian Welch from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, so here you go:

Yep, that's a big fat Hallelujah.  Sorry to any Catholics who are reading this during Lent!

Also, linking this up to Goodnight Moon's song-hop.


  1. I love that song "I'll fly away". That's great that you found a place to sing that you really like - it seems to really fit you too. :)

    Good luck with the spring concert! :)

  2. I LOVE "I'll Fly Away" from such a classic movie like O Brother, Where Art Thou. That whole sound track is awesome, and I love George Clooney in it!

    Thanks for linking up again this week!!!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!