01 December 2010

my favorite christmas movie

I know I've said on here a dozen times that I'm not a movie person.  But I do have the few movies that I like, and most of them are animated.  Which is totally AWESOME come Christmas season!  I love watching the movies that the networks are running.  And last night, without even scheduling it in, my favorite one was playing . . . How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

How can you NOT like this movie?  (No, I'm not talking about the live-action remake with Jim Carrey.  I've never seen it, and the makeup job freaks me out anyway.)  It teaches little kids that Christmas isn't about the "stuff," and that nobody can steal it!

A friend of mine has an adorable daughter, and when she posted a picture of her on Facebook holding a ball with her blond hair and a sad look in her pretty blue eyes, I immediately thought of the lovable Cindy Lou Who, ("who was no more than two").  Well, my friend ran with it, and said daughter became Cindy Lou Who this Halloween.  Wires in her hair and a homemade pink dress.  So stinkin' cute.

There are only two movies I can quote out of the blue: one is Mean Girls, and the other is this one.  I sat there watching it tonight and quoted nearly every line.  Even I was impressed with myself, even though I know the whole thing is only 26 minutes long.

I also know every last word of the wonderful "You're a Mean One" song, and I've used a few lines of it in general conversation.  (My favorite being, "I wouldn't touch you with a 39-and-a-half foot pole.")  My favorite cover of the song was a rock version done by a band called Hip Heavy Lip.  I discovered it back in high school from a holiday music sampler the local rock station released.  I was hoping to find it on YouTube to share it with y'all, but it's not there.  After scouring the internets for half an hour, I've decided that this band is defunct but you can listen to a clip of the song on iTunes and pay for the download if you wish.

What's your favorite Christmas or holiday movie?


  1. Omg, you love the Grinch AND Mean Girls??? You've gotta be my sister from another mister.

  2. I absolutely love How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie too!!!!

  3. umm.. this one!!! :) and charlie brown of course :)

  4. I'm glad I know it's your husband who put in on Reddit. I was a little freaked out not knowing who did it. All good now. Also, you can thank him for me...I got a lot of extra hit to my blog because of it!