23 December 2010

Christmas Eve traditions

I'm in Georgia now, and tonight I will be leading B in his first Southern Christmas Experience.  Last year I accompanied him to Indiana to be with his family for my first Midwestern Christmas.  It was alright, but just not the same.

For my family, Christmas Eve traditions have changed over the years depending on our participation in Mass and any party invitations.  The "party" friends moved out of state about 10 years ago, but I still remember when they lived up the street and threw awesome Christmas Eve parties.  (I also still remember the first time I saw my mom get a bit tipsy.  Good times!)

Around 5pm, we'll go to vigil mass with my family, and hopefully see my nephew perform with the church choir.  Hopefully he won't fall off the stage in the middle of it like he did 3 years ago.

After mass, we'll eat dinner.  In my teen years, we usually ordered a pizza!  I loved that tradition and hope we do it again.

Then we'll just hang out, wrap some last-minute presents or whatever, watch TV.  Maybe there's a football game on?  Eventually, my parents will fall asleep, and I'll take B to Midnight Mass.  My friends and I started doing this in college (I had never been since I always sang at the 8pm "teen" mass).  I love Midnight Mass!  It's sooo beautiful!  And I don't mind going to mass twice, since I love my nephew and family and want to share the night with them.  I don't know if any friends will be joining this year, but just B and me is fine this year.

After Midnight Mass, we'll probably be hungry again.  So hopefully we'll head here:

Scattered, smothered, and covered please!
As for Christmas Day itself, I don't quite know what it will be like this year because last time I was home for it (2 years ago), everyone lived under one roof.  My sister has since bought a house and gotten married, and most of Christmas Day will be spent over there with my immediate family and my sister's in-laws.  They're a fun bunch, but it will definitely be a bit different for me.  We're just hoping my sister doesn't go into labor from all the fun!  (She's full-term now, due date Jan. 8.)

I think I'll "play myself out" of this post with one of my favorite Christmas choral songs I've performed.  It's "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" poem set to music, and it's adorable.  Here's the University of Utah performing it with a bit of choreography.

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?


  1. We always get snockered on egg nog while doing last minute wrapping, and then my grandma threstens not to take us to Midnight Mass... so we try to sober up in time. We've always gone to midnight Mass and it really upset me when my home Parish switched to 10:30, so we always ventured over to Blessed Sacrament for their service, at midnight. We also burn a bayberry candle all day for good luck in the coming year.

    We sometimes do party platters, or sometimes pizza- food on Christmas Eve was never really something I paid attention to, and now I wish I had so I could have some "comfort food"! I hope B enojoys his first Southern Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you'll have a fun Christmas Eve! Enjoy spending time with your family:) Enjoy your stocking this year too.

  3. We have pizza on Christmas Eve! Also, I wanted to let you know that I am giving you a Stylish Blogger Award! It will be up on my blog at Midnight. (Dec. 31, 2010) I love your blog and I am pretty addicted to it now! I hope that this brightens your day and that it feels like a great New Year's present all the way from me @Glamour Glory:) Also, I put a link to your blog so that my followers can head on over to your blog and check it out. Make sure you stop by and check it out!

    Have a great New Year's,