08 December 2010

are you watching it?

I am in LOVE with this show!

Being a singer, this is obviously my cup of tea!  I've been in love with a cappella music since high school, when Noteworthy, the women's group at UGA came to my high school and gave us a concert (our student teacher was a member).  I was hooked!

And since I know you're gonna ask, YES I did audition for the group in college.  Twice.  And twice for a relatively new co-ed ensemble too.  My voice is decidedly "not a pop voice."  Even B hates it sometimes when I sing along to the radio because I have to go up in my head voice and it just doesn't sound right, even though I'm hitting all the right notes.  I have come to terms with my "classical" voice, although I'm still a bit scared of karaoke.  While I know I can't belt out some Beyonc√© like some of the fantastic talent on this show, I also know I can bust out a darn good "Ave Maria."  Even though I never got into the groups, I was still a huge supporter of the Athens a cappella scene and went to the concerts whenever I could, especially Noteworthy (they were in Women's Glee with me . . . and they were the best). 

One of the greatest aspects of a cappella, especially on the collegiate level, is the hilarious (and punny) group names.  Like Pitch Slapped.  Or Nothin' but TrebleAural PleasureGentleman CallersOne Note Stand.  The Logarhythms.

As for The Sing Off, if you missed it Monday, you should definitely tune in tonight on NBC!


  1. I love this show. Who do you like?!?
    I think I like On the Rocks, but I have liked them since they hit youtube.

  2. After watching Wednesday's episode, I would say my favorites are a tie between Street Corner Symphony and the jazzy Groove For Thought (they remind me of Take 6, just like one of the judges mentioned). They're all pretty great, though!