21 December 2010

top 10 highlights of 2010

We didn't end up doing the cards with a top 10 list, but I decided to make one anyway.  Since we spent more than 6 months apart this year, I have a few extra highlights of mine that I had to leave off to balance it out and make it an "us" list.
  1. Celebrating our first anniversary in October
  2. B returning from the deployment in August 
  3. Cat being Matron of Honor in her sister's wedding in June
  4. Exploring Pensacola and trying new classes at the gym together
  5. Thanksgiving trip to Georgia
  6. B leaving the submarine and starting his new job in Pensacola
  7. Cat and B reuniting in Scotland in May, halfway through the deployment
  8. B having the chance to explore Spain, Norway, and Portugal during his deployment
  9. Cat's volunteer work at Norfolk Botanical Garden
  10. Cat donating her hair for the third time
Here's the card we chose.  Happy Holidays!


    1. I love the sweater you're wearing in the Christmas card photo!

    2. Thanks for all your suggestions, we are on facebook (for over a year now!!! yay!!!!) and we do have a volunteer committee in place for tons of volunteer activities that we do throughout the year. Unfortunately Our christmas party is members only because the club pays for it and it is also our installation for the new board, but I love your suggestions!!!!!