01 January 2011

the past decade!

A Decade (2000-2010) -- okay, technically that's 11 years . . . but still.  I took this idea from Faith & Deployments.  Check her blog out; you won't regret it.

For each year, I will put an accomplishment  that I have made in the last decade.  Okay, I admit, some years have more than one!  (My birthday is right around the halfway mark, so the age I put is what I was at year's end.)  This is basically my life in a nutshell!

2000 (16 years old)- Got my driver's license and my first job (waitress at a diner...ugh)
2001 (17 years old)- Got early-accepted into the fabulous University of Georgia!
2002 (18 years old)- Graduated high school 4th in my class, cross-country road trip #1, started college, earned my Gold Award
2003 (19 years old)- Became an aunt!
2004 (20 years old)- Studied abroad in Verona, Italy; cross-country road trip #2
2005 (21 years old)- Visited Alaska
2006 (22 years old)- Graduated college, summa cum laude, with two degrees, moved to Jacksonville, FL
2007 (23 years old)- Finished my AmeriCorps year, cross country road trip #3, bought a car, and moved my butt up to Norfolk
2008 (24 years old)- Landed my first big-girl job, survived B's first deployment, got engaged
2009 (25 years old)- Got married!
2010 (26 years old)- THRIVED through a second deployment, traveled to Scotland, did my first Navy move

I've been extremely blessed in my life, so thank you to God for all the great opportunities and loving support from everyone around me.

What have you accomplished in 10 (or 11) years?


  1. Writing it out like that is a great idea! It's great to be able to look at it and see what you've accomplished. I was going to do this too but can't remember something for every year:( I think this means I'm getting old...

  2. Thanks for the mention :) LOVED your decade!!!

  3. I love that idea! You've accomplished a lot in your life - that's awesome! :D