02 October 2010

if it's day 6, feel yourself up!

In case you haven't already been inundated by truckloads of pink ribbon and well-intentioned female friends hitting you up for money, I would like to point out that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Thanks to my NFP charts, I get a monthly reminder to do my breast self exam on Day 6 of my cycle.   It's kinda nice to have a chart to keep me accountable on such matters.  Why Day 6?  Well, really, it doesn't have to be exactly on Day 6, but within the 6-10 days after you start your cycle.  Apparently your breasts are less lumpy and tender around this time, so the exam should be better/easier.  And consistency will help you remember, so put it on the calendar.

If you're not sure, or just need a refresher, on how to do your self-exam, check out this 5-step plan (with pictures!) from breastcancer.org.  Or how about a funny-but-informative video from the "bOOb Lady"? 

And yes, your husband can help.  Let's just say Day 6 is one of his favorite days of the month around here . . .

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  1. thanks for the heads up about the privacy setting on my wedsite!! i fixed that so its open up for everyone now! thanks for the feedback and for sharing the link to yours! its very cute and i noticed that TODAY is your anniversary so ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!