12 October 2010

top 10: peach state celebs

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Top Ten {Tuesday}

Today's list is celebrating my home state of Georgia.  I present with you my Top 10 Fave Celebs from Georgia!  (The "Still Currently Alive" edition)

10.  The B-52s - from Athens (the BEST college town in the world)  I LOVE their quirky music and fun dance-able songs.  And the hair, gotta love the hair.
9.  Julia Roberts - from Smyrna (suburb NW of Atlanta).  How can you not love the original Pretty Woman?
8. OutKast - based in East Point (south Atlanta).  Six Grammy Awards and the reason I sing about being "so Fresh and so clean" when I get out of the shower
7.  Jeff Foxworthy - from Hapeville (Atlanta's southside, near East Point), and attended Georgia Tech.  I grew up on "You might be a redneck" jokes.  I don't think I am one though.
6.  Alton Brown - current Marietta (another ATL suburb!) resident and holds a degree in Drama from UGA.  I love his "Good Eats" show; it takes quite the talent to make the science of eating entertaining!
5.  Ty Pennington - from Marietta.  Hottest carpenter on television, hands down . . . and I may get the chance to meet him in a few weeks as I will be volunteering on the build for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when it comes to Pensacola!
4. Herschel Walker - from Wrightsville (somewhere kinda in the middle?).  Heisman Trophy winner who helped my beloved Georgia Bulldogs win a national championship (over B's Notre Dame) in 1980, then went on to a pretty decent pro career.
3.  Ryan Seacrest - from Dunwoody (used to be part of Atlanta, became its own city in 2008), attended the same UGA Journalism School that I did (but he left before the degree to make it big).  Say what you want about his hair or sexuality, but this guy is one of the hardest-working in Hollywood.
2. Teresa Edwards - from Cairo (in the SW corner of the state, and locals pronounce it KAY-roh).  One of the best female basketball players of all time; she attended my beloved UGA (where her #5 is now retired) and played in FIVE Olympics!
1.  S. Truett Cathy - from Eatonton (sorta between Atlanta and Augusta).  Founder of Chick-Fil-A, my first job and still one of my favorite places to eat!  And I actually LOVE that they're closed on Sundays; it takes quite a bit of character to stick to your Christian values like that while simultaneously embracing the capitalistic "American Dream."

Some Honorable mentions:  Butch Walker, Trisha Yearwood, and Paula Deen

Who's your favorite Georgia celeb?


  1. My favorite Georgia celebs are Zac Brown and Kevin from Top Chef, hands down. I love those guys. Paula Deen and Tricia Yearwood would definitely be up there too though. And I had no idea Alton Brown was from Georgia!

  2. I love that Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays too! I find it very noble!

  3. For all the Alton Brown fans -- have you ever noticed that all the stores he visits on "Good Eats" are around Atlanta? I always find that cool, but I'm from there.

  4. Too funny—I'm from NM and Juila Roberts currently has a home there with her family. I didn't know she was from here!

    And my husband and I LOVE Alton Brown. We always get a kick when we see Atlanta locals on his show (and we secretly keep an eye out for him whenever we head up to ATL)!