15 October 2010

fall swap goodies!

I participated in the Fall Favorites Swap, hosted by Flip Flops and Combat Boots.

 I got paired up with Stacie from One Step At a Time.  Check out her post to see what I sent.
As for me, when I checked the mail today, I found my package tucked next to the recall notice on my car (um, yikes?!).

The irony is that this package is kind of a care package FOR that recalled car (which I don't think has the recall problem anyway).  Along with a card and a small bottle of caramel-scented hand gel, Stacie sent a clip-on fragrance flower (so cute and perfect for the car!) with 3 different scents: frosted cranberry, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, and leaves.  Yes, leaves!  I'm so excited to smell some of that, because while it is gorgeous here on the Florida panhandle right now, there is definitely NOT the smell of leaves in the air.  And since my car currently smells like a sweaty gym sock, I cannot wait to use this!

Stacie, thanks so much!


  1. You're welcome! I'm glad it finally made it to you! I'm in love with Bath and Body's portable scents! I bought leaves for my truck. I'M IN LOVE! I don't want to get out...it smells so good.

  2. People always make fun of me, but one of my favorite fall scents at Yankee is Autumn Leaves! I miss that certain smell in the air, but the last few days, California has been showing me she's able to give me what I need for fall!

    {oh, and the colors for my painting are going to be red white and navy! How cute?}