25 October 2010

another movie review: pulp fiction

I love the public library. The one here really isn't even close to the best I've seen, but their movie section is easily accessible and has some good titles. I've started to pick up a new movie each time I go in there. Yep, a one-week rental for FREE?  Awesome!

This week I decided upon my first-ever Quentin Tarantino film.*  I can't say that the Gilmore Girls episode where Rory goes to a Tarantino-themed party had nothing to do with it.  The back of the DVD case called Pulp Fiction "wildly entertaining and exhilarating," along with claiming that it "both thrills and amuses."  Let us all remember that I am NOT a movie person, so I wasn't quite buying all those assertions.

*While writing this, I found out that Tarantino did the Kill Bill films (again, I'm NOT a movie person, can't you tell by now?), and I've seen more than half of one of them (the second one perhaps?), but nothing in its entirety until this one.  So I think this still counts as my first.

B has seen the movie before, so I asked him if I wasn't gonna like it.  He told me I had to "watch and see," when in all honesty he knew I wasn't gonna like it.  I hate violent movies (which probably has a lot to do with me NOT BEING A MOVIE PERSON).  I also could tell what was gonna happen 5 minutes before it did in each scene.  The only thing that caught me off-guard was that cameo by Kathy Griffin -- which I indeed questioned, saying "Wait, is that Kathy Griffin?  Whaaa?"  I read the credits at the end, and my premonition was confirmed.

With still an hour left to go, I asked B if we could just turn it off.  And he told me no.  The only scene I actually liked in the whole movie was the John Travolta character dancing the twist with the gal with the hideous hair (actually, now that I think about it, all the girls in this film had hideous hair).  I also realized a bit later that the John Travolta guy was in the bathroom during important parts in each story.  So thanks for the motif de bain, Tarantino!

The good thing is that I just looked it up and this movie is on the IMDB 250 list (very very close to the top), which means I can use it to help fulfill #74 on my 101 list!  2 down, 8 to go.  Maybe I can eventually find one where no one gets their head blown off.


  1. Sorry you didn't like the movie. I sent you an email with the information about when I am getting married. Thanks so much for offering to take pictures for us!

  2. Well good thing I read your review-now I know not to watch it! :) Found your blog through the blog hop. Followed! if you get a chance, pass by mine and follow back!