18 August 2010

hampton roads to the gulf coast

We've been down here in Pensacola just over a week, so I thought I'd share my initial observations about the differences between this area and my most recent living arrangement in Hampton Roads.
  • The base only has TWO gates.  One front, one back.  And when you leave, you don't have to slow down to under 35.  These gates are also sometimes staffed by actual police officers, not just sailors waiting for a new command or whatever they were in Norfolk.
  • The main commissary and NEX are on the other base, the smaller one.  It's about two miles up the street.  It's kinda nice that way.
  • The sand here is WHITE.  And it doesn't get as hot (it's still hot, just not walking-across-burning-coals hot the way it can get in VB).
  • The main limited access roads aren't very close, so it's stop-and-go at lights any time we want to head anywhere.
  • I think I traded in my fabulous kitchen in Norfolk for a patio.  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  But I'm excited about buying patio furniture.
  • I'm glad we signed for a 3-bedroom apartment, even though we really don't need it as of right now.  I just don't want to have to move ourselves if we outgrow it.  I guess a lot of couples rent 3-bedroom houses and it's just the two of them, right?
  • The gym here is fantastic, and I'm determined to take every exercise class they offer to see what's right for me.  LOVED Step Aerobics, even though it kicked my tail.  Who knows, maybe I'll find my calling as a fitness instructor??
  • The Blue Angels practice every Wednesday morning.  This will merit its own post at a later date.
  • There is no wardroom on a shore tour like this.  He did get a hail, so I met his boss (briefly).  A year ago, I probably would've been more than okay with this arrangement, but after this last deployment I know I will really miss the bonds that can be formed by a fun-loving and caring group of ladies.
  • Mellow Mushroom, Sonny's BBQ, and probably some other chains I didn't realize how much I missed.  And TRIVIA NIGHTS.  They actually know what they ARE here, and hopefully they will do them right.  (I found one--and only one--trivia night in south Hampton Roads, and I was not a fan of the way it was done.)
  • Staying here hasn't been kind to our laptop, and I've had to discover the wonders of the base library.  Since the Norfolk base was essentially off-limits to me for the first 2/3 of my time there (as I was a girlfriend), I never did much exploring once I actually could.  I actually still felt like an outsider there once I was a wife. 
  • I don't feel like an outsider here at NAS Pensacola, even though my husband doesn't own flight pajamas.


  1. Yes, I know Ann Marie well...in fact, I'm having lunch with her Friday! Her brother was in NROTC with me. OK...so who's your hubby's friend that I probably know, since there were only 30 in our NROTC class and 130ish in the whole unit?!?

    Glad to see you're finding a ton of positives in P'cola! As for the base security, I think that is actually a billet here and it's a security force, not transient people waiting for orders. Coming from a military family, I'm sorta old school and like seeing military security on the gates rather than "rent-a-cops"! :-) And don't worry about the 3 bedrooms.... You can use one as a study/office and one as a guest room now. I bought a 3 BR as an Ensign (which we are still living in now) and honestly I'm wondering if I'd rather do without an office or a guest room if/when we have kids in this house!! I wish we had FOUR bedrooms so I wouldn't have to give ANYTHING up! :-)

  2. im happy to know youre not feeling like an outsider in your new place!

    ive been all over this wonderful state of florida for the past 7 years but have yet to visit the panhandle! ive heard nice things about the white sand beaches! post pics so i could dream about the loveliness during the "winter"!

    btw - ive left something for you on my blog ;-)