12 August 2010

a welcome aboard packet

Yesterday, I ventured into Fleet and Family here on base to see what their upcoming classes were and if they had anything for newbies like myself.  Well, they certainly did!  I was directed upstairs to go talk to a woman and get a "Welcome Aboard" packet.  It was STUFFED with info on the base, the community, housing, hospitals, etc.  The nice lady even TOOK OUT the guides geared for those with school-age children, and I still had more than enough.  Check out my haul:

I liked that book all the way to the right especially. It had the history of the base ("the Cradle of Naval Aviation" as the signs say) and information on every single command that is based here in Pensacola.  A bit acronym-heavy, but if I meet a wife who says her husband is part of NAMRL or the VT-3 Red Knights, I can just look it up and see what that really means.  (B is part of NETC, for anyone who cares!)

For my milspouse friends, I suggest you go get one of these straight-away.  I bet after my three years in Norfolk, I still would've benefited from pretending I was new and getting one of these.

I'm also super-excited about the fancy gym here and the classes they offer.  Looks like I'll be crossing Yoga and Zumba off my 101 list in no time!  I might even try spinning, since some friends back in Norfolk seem to love it.  And the elliptical machines have those attached TV's with cable, so I foresee a few Friday nights spent there huffing and puffing and sweating, all while watching "What Not to Wear."

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