13 August 2010

#50: zumba!

I got to a cross a full activity off my 101 list today!

✔ 50: Go to a Zumba class.

For those of you not in the know, Zumba is a "workout with a combination of different dance styles, including Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton and more."  At least that's what it says on my MWR fitness schedule.

And thanks to the AMAZING base gym here, which has these classes at least 3 times a week, I got to try it out today!  I've only been to one other group exercise class in my life, but I've done some videos at home too.  Zumba is definitely one of those things you have "regulars" at.  A few of the girls (it was all girls, of course) knew every move already and recognized the songs as each played.

I wasn't a huge fan of the instructor, who seemed a bit preoccupied with looking at herself dancing in the mirrors, but it was fine.  She didn't really call out moves much, you just had to follow her backside.  (Yes, I looked at her butt and her feet for about an hour.)  I did alright with it though, since luckily almost every move was facing the front.   The moves were pretty basic salsa/cha-cha/Latin moves, although I swear we did a move out of the "Thriller" dance at once point.  A few of the dance elements I just couldn't get, so I just sorta moved along in rhythm.  One thing I didn't like is that it was sorta low-impact.  I definitely broke a sweat, but when B came to pick me up from this hour-long class, even he could tell that it didn't really get my heart rate bumping the way I'm used to from my Crunch Gym home workouts.

Next week, I'll probably get to cross off another exercise activity: yoga.  A bit scared about that one, especially if they don't explain anything to you like this Zumba class.  But I get to pick between a bunch of different styles (gentle, hatha, power, warrior, etc.).  We'll see how that goes.


  1. yay!! looks like things are coming along nicely with your list! im too chicken to take a public zumba class so kudos to you! yoga seems to be a hit or miss kind of thing ... i think most people either really like it or dont - i fall in the later group! im too hyper for it!

    never got the chance to say but congrats on the move!! i just found out i have fam in pensacola so a visit out there may be inevitable!

  2. I've only been to one Zumba class but it was fun. Yoga is fun too...I've been to a few and they do tell you the poses as you move into them. I didn't know what all of them were, so I did the best I could and asked about them after class. That's awesome that you get to pick a style! Enjoy:)

  3. Marj - I think you're Filipino, right? Well, so was half the class. (Figures since it's a lot like line-dancing!) Yeah, we'll definitely have to meet up if you're ever over here in Pensacola.