26 August 2010

calamaties of our pensacola trip

So I guess the last month of my life couldn't be called an "adventure" if nothing went wrong.  The good thing is that we are both still healthy and still talking to each other.  But here, I will present to you, my dear readers, a list of what went wrong!  Enjoy!
  • The oil change with a few 'surprises' (of the expensive sort).  I'm sure some of you have had these.  B took his car in before we drove it 900 miles to Pensacola, and apparently it needed new wheel bearings and two new tires. 
  • The move date.  I knew it was high-PCS season, but I didn't think it would take a whole month to get the first open move date.  We had to extend our lease out an extra 10 days, and then we found out the owner of our rented condo wants to sell, so it's gonna be shown.  I brushed that off and let them look at it as is.
  • The laptop computer.  We took the laptop down to FL, and halfway through our stay at the Navy Lodge, something goes awry with the power.  We ended up finding out it was just the cord.  We ordered a new one from Dell, and got it in the mail yesterday!
  • The desktop computer.  When we got back to Virginia, we figured we'd just use the 8-year-old desktop since the laptop was shot.  Well, the keyboard on my trusty old Gateway decided that NOW was a great time to bite the dust.  This did result in a slightly funny Facebook status, but overall it was just frustrating.
  • The canceled flight, the Kindle.  His Kindle.  Left on a plane that got into Atlanta at 1am after his first work trip to D.C.  (My mom picked him up and he slept at my parents' house for the night.)  I made some calls, and he is officially Kindle-less now.  :-(  He also can't find his mp3 player, and earlier this year my digital camera got stolen.  We are cursed when it comes to portable electronics.
  • The new tire.  Yeah, the one from the oil change... we hit some sort of debris while driving back through Alabama, and there we were on the side of I-65 with a flat tire.  The lugnut-tool-thingamajig somehow stripped out and B couldn't finish changing the spare, so I called AAA.  However, before they made it, a friendly State Trooper came by with a much better tool and helped us out.  The only major casualty from this side-of-the-road debacle was that I stepped in a big bed of ants and I still have the bites on my pinky toe!  Then we stopped in Evergreen, AL, to get yet another brand new 80-thousand mile tire.  Sigh.
Other than all those biggies, the trip was by most accounts, a pretty smooth one.  Seems like we were hit with a lot of "mo' money, mo' problems" kinda issues.  Many worse things could've happened, and I'm glad they didn't!


  1. Glad you guys got there ok, even with all the issues! You'l be able to look back and laugh...some day! I know Ray and Nick very well! Both great guys! My maiden name is Lindsey... Thanks for the note of congrats! I'm already planning the Wetting Down in my head, even though P won't pin it on probably until next spring/summer!! Oh well....give me plenty of prep time!

  2. awww... sounds ROUGH, but could always have been worse!

  3. That kinda bites but not too bad. I'm guessing you got a new keyboard. If not I could probably dig out a spare one.