15 August 2010

a movie: Crash

I won this movie about five years ago from some dorm thing in college. Technically, I won Madea's Family Reunion, but a girl asked me to trade.  Crash had just won the Oscar for Best Picture, and I had never heard of this Madea business, so fine with me.

No, this is not the only movie that I own that I've never seen.  I somehow win movies or people give me some that I have no interest in.  (I think Flashdance is still in the shrink-wrapped plastic, and I have no idea where it came from.)  I am pretty much a strictly comedies and animation movie-wathcer.  I don't watch movies to feel smarter, or to cry, or to be scared.  Which is why I don't really watch movies.

But I let B pick a movie to watch on Friday night in our Navy Lodge room, and this is what he chose out of the few I threw in our entertainment tote bag.  It was alright, I guess.  If there's any moral to the story, I guess it's to get your priorities straight and to learn to communicate with people of all backgrounds, and maybe to stay away from the mean streets of L.A.

I really thought there was gonna be a lot more deaths, and I even said at one point, "I have a hunch that a bunch of people are gonna die in the next ten minutes."  But I was wrong, so I'll give the movie some credit for not being a total downer.  However, I'll probably never watch it again and will be promptly returning to my "sunshine and rainbows" romantic comedies.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for joining my blog.... BUT I must ask.... Your hubs went to Notre Dame?!?!? I went to ND and was NROTC! What year? What dorm? I'm an '05 Domer and am trying desperately to figure out if I know you guys in real life, because we have a lot of sub guys!! AND we're also still in the Norfolk area!!