28 May 2014

Race Recap: Nun Run 5K

Who could resist a race with a name like Nun Run/Brother Boogie? I couldn't, that's for sure.

This race was about 20 minutes away in a small city called Huntington, former long-time residence of Dan Quayle. I have only been out there one other time, and it felt like stepping into a different world even though it's so close. The run was at and benefited St. Felix Oratory, a Catholic retreat center and home to nuns and monks or something like that. (More info on the place, if that's your thing.)

Anyway, the building was beautiful, and the day was gorgeous as well. They even got this group picture before we started.
I'm somewhere in this picture. I still haven't figured out where.
The 5K and 10K started simultaneously but on opposite sides of the building. I started off good, toward the front. We ran around this pretty lake and then ran on the side of a road that had NOT been blocked. So yeah, cars going by on a 2-lane road with no shoulder. Whatever. They had warned us, and told us to be safe.

I was feeling pretty good about halfway through mile 2 until we started running up the biggest hill I have seen in the entire state of Indiana. It reminded me of my hometown in Georgia and not in a good way. Of course my pacing song was set to come on during that. Yeesh.

I don't remember any big downhills. After the big hill, we ran around mowed paths through grassy fields. Can't lie, it was kinda boring. I saw a sign for mile 3 and started to push a little harder for the final 0.1. But the course kept going. And going. Winding this way and that way, with the finish line in sight for some of it. That was wayyyy longer than 0.1 at the end. Finally made it to the finish line, and sprinted next to a gal I figured was in my age group and I needed to beat. (I did, by a second.)

After the race, there were not only the requisite bananas, but cookies and chocolate milk! I've only ever heard about chocolate milk for much longer races (half-marathons and such), so I kinda felt like a big deal. Nice touch, even if it was donated (it was).

I finally made a race friend during the after party as well! I had been trying to catch up to this one lady and never was able to, so I told her. (Running pick-up lines, anyone?) She was in her 40's and ended up winning her age group. We chatted for a bit, and I'll probably be seeing her at some other races. Maybe I'll catch up to her then!

My time was 27:46, which is way worse than what I did the previous week.

I came in 29th overall and 3rd place out of 22 in my F 20-29 age group. I stayed around for the awards, but they only gave awards to top 2. I cheered on my new pal, though!

B and Cora did come to the race, but B was in a bad mood the whole time and didn't take any pictures. He apparently hates coming to races to chase after Cora, and his bad attitude was actually affecting me during the race. I won't be inviting him to any more. I'm working on making some friends who actually want to run the race.

But at least I got this awesome shirt.
No actual nuns in habits were seen on race day.


  1. It only would have been better if there were nuns in habits! That might be the best race shirt I've ever seen though :D

  2. What a cool race! Love the name - and it would have been pretty neat to see some nuns running in habits, although I bet they are pretty hot to run in. Maybe the race course was longer than 3.1? I've been in a few races where that happened . .. Congrats on your finish though! If we lived closer, I would totally run in some races with you, although you are much faster than I am right now. :)