14 December 2015

Thoughts on Burnout and Blogging

31 posts. That's how many are sitting unfinished in my 'drafts' folder. What happened to blogging? Not just me blogging, but everyone else? I still read my faves, but I often feel like I can't measure up. The posts are unfinished because I'm a perfectionist, I guess. I wrote 90% of a post about a trip to Costco back in August and never posted it. Why is that? And now is it even relevant?

I'm not in this to earn followers (that number has been stagnant for years), make money, sell the craft-du-jour on Etsy, or even try to get freelance writing jobs. But I do love keeping up with my friends' lives (IRL or not; at this point that line has blurred anyway).

My last post was September 25. Here are some biggies since then:

1. Our 6th anniversary on October 3.
We went to an Indian restaurant and feasted like rajas.
2. Audrey started solid foods right after her half birthday.
Sweet potatoes, yum!
3. Halloween, 2015.

4. I did a 'selfie scavenger hunt' on my lunch breaks at work, walking around the city. I only needed 10 to complete it (and get my entry for a drawing, which I did not win), but I ended up finding all 25.
I'm missing a few here, but close enough.
 5. We had a big November snow.

6. My parents came for a visit for Thanksgiving, and I took time off work for the first time since I started working there. (No wonder I'm burnt out, seriously.)

7. The girls saw Santa.

8. And I got a new profile pic for Facebook.

And then I realized I haven't left the state of Indiana in the entirety of 2015 and got a little bummed out. Maybe this weekend I will drive the half hour to Ohio (there's literally nothing over the border by maybe a farm, but . . . adventure?). I also don't even want to look at my 2015 Resolutions/to-do list; probably will be a big bummer as well.

But at least I have cute kids.

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! Merry Christmas! I hear you on the perfectionist thing, but at least you are trying (with the unpublished posts). I haven't done too much blogging because, bleh. And my attention is spread over so many areas right now, that things like blogging, or exercise, or even keeping up with the house, kind of go out the window. No worries, no judgment here. You're a busy Mama, taking good care of your family. It's good to hear from you when you do write. :) So, Happy Belated Anniversary, Happy Halloween, yay for solids - so fun! - I want to hear more about the selfie scavenger hunt (that sounds really cool), we had a big November snow too (totally unexpected, and quite beautiful), yay for family and Santa, AND beautiful pic of you and the girls. You do have cute kids. :) (We should find each other on Facebook). :) Also, Happy New Year!! :D