18 May 2014

What I Wore Sunday

I'm lookin' so fine today I haven't even changed yet!
Haven't done this link-up in a while
Seriously, do you have those days where you just think you look exceptionally good? Such a confidence booster. Especially because I have an interview tomorrow with a temp/employment agency. Every boost of confidence helps, since I haven't had a serious interview since 2008.

I'm apparently a walking ad for NY & Company today. Pants, blouse, and blazer all. However, the pants were thrifted, the blazer was bought from a blog-land friend, and the blouse was bought in-store off the clearance rack. I've had the blouse for over a year but never worn it because a) I couldn't figure out exactly how since it's an odd shape and b) the front hem had come out and I hadn't fixed it. I decided to address the latter this morning with my emergency sewing kit and had a hunch a blazer would do the trick for the former.

The shoes are from the Old Navy clearance rack last year, and I can't remember how the necklaces came to be.

As for mass, I'm so glad I could take Cora to the morning mass. We have been going to the 4:30pm Saturday vigil for months, and she has been bouncing around and talking so much. An usher asked us last week if we'd like to take up the gifts, and for the first time in my life I turned it down. Ugh. I was about to throw in the towel and take her to the nursery this week, but I decided to see what a change in schedule would do. Thank God! She wasn't perfect, but I got to hear the homily, which was amazing.

I have been reading Jennifer Fulwiler's book Something Other Than God, and I enjoyed reading about her first mass experience. She had researched it back to the writings of Justin the Martyr and Hippolytus, each describing Christian church services of the time. I think after growing up in it, I sometimes take for granted the fact that I participate in a basically-unchanged ancient ritual on a weekly basis. Except for now I can wear pants and leave my head uncovered.