24 May 2014

My SOTG Cocktail Recipe

I have just finished reading Jennifer Fulwiler's amazing book Something Other Than God. If you're not familiar with her, this book details her journey of conversion from hard-core atheist to super-cool Catholic. It brought me closer to my faith and also let me (a cradle Catholic, as we say) see how someone could really have that kind of 180 experience. The book just came out last month, and she had a release party on her blog, which included all kinds of wacky contests. This is what I submitted for her SOTG-inspired drink contest.

Thanks Jen, for a great excuse to have a cocktail during nap time!

I call this the Something Other Than a Sunset Over Austin (I think, per the rules of the contest, I was just supposed to call it the SOTG . . . oops. Call it what you want.)

I used the SOTG acronym to stand for other things for the drink:
S- Sugar (for the rim)
O - Orange Juice (3oz.)
T - Tequila (1½-2oz. or more)
G - Gatorade (2oz.)

Also needed: 1 Lemon (only half, really)

Sugar the rim of the glass you will be using, using some of lemon to moisten the rim. Pour 1½ fl. oz of tequila (or however much you like) and 3 fl. oz. of orange juice in glass. Add 2 fl oz. red Gatorade*. Squeeze some lemon juice into the drink and garnish with a lemon slice. Sip like you're a lady. Or devour like a SAHM whose kids finally went down for a nap after a long morning.

*I really wanted to try this with blue Gatorade, but did not make it to the store. Feel free to try both!

Bottoms up!


  1. How fun! I love the acronym! And it sounds really tasty actually, though I would probably use lemon lime Gatorade.

  2. Looks and sounds gorgeous! The sugar rim idea is genius.

  3. Looks yummy! I love the comment about sipping like a lady or downing like a SAHM after a long morning - so true!! That one had me laughing . . . :)