07 July 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 20)

Well, technically I wore it to Saturday vigil, as usual.
But go check out some of Sunday's finest.
A dress with pockets!
Dress: Old Navy // Necklace: Body Central // Sandals: Target //
Bracelet (pictured below): Charming Charlie

We have had a fun and busy week here. My parents drove up from Georgia to hang out for a few days, and they left last night after dinner. We went to the zoo, drove around and looked at houses, went to my in-laws' lakehouse for Independence Day, and even visited Johnny Appleseed's grave. (That last one is a Fort Wayne thing. Hey, every city needs a claim to fame.)

My mom also helped me acquire the fabric for my first sewing project in years. The plan is to make an infinity dress, and I'm a little intimidated but a lot excited about it. Hopefully you'll be seeing it for WIWS a few times! If anyone has made one of these, please feel free to give me any helpful tips. If I can't figure it out, I'll probably just end up matching the fashion sense of my toddler:
That's my girl!


  1. Super cute dress..and I love those sandals.

  2. I love your necklace! It goes perfectly with all the colors in your dress.

    Getting ready to click on the infinity dress link. I'm familiar with an infinity scarf but not an infinity dress!

  3. Cute, Cat! I love the purple plaid. :)

  4. The dress I wore today has pockets too! So fun! I have an infinity dress of sorts (not as many options as the one you linked to) that I got in Vegas years ago and I rarely wear it but I love it when I do.

    I love the picture looking down at your feet and capturing your dress and necklace. Way cool!

  5. Very nice! I am loving these cross bracelets and I really would like a necklace like it. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Love the dress and the sandals both. Super cute look on you!

  7. I thought your dress was a skirt/shirt! I love it!