27 July 2013

Cora: 18 Months

I haven't done just a "this is what my child is doing now!" update since 14 months, so here we go.

Cora is officially 18 months old as of yesterday!

Nicknames: Boopster, Honey, Honey Bunch, Cutie McCutie Pie, Cora Aurora Fedora Menorah

Weight/Height: 25 lbs, 3oz. / 33" Still in the 90th percentile on height.

Clothing Size: 18-24 months, and some 2T. Wearing size 4 disposable diapers, but mostly her cloth diaper covers on the longest rise.

Sleep: Cora goes to bed around 7:45pm (after the first part of Jeopardy!), sleeps through until 6:45-7am.  She is down to one nap a day, and sometimes it's only an hour! I'm still messing around with her nap schedule to get her enough rest. I think 1:15 might be the golden nap time.

Vocabulary: She says about 8 words: hi, shoes, baby ("bay"), "dahhhh" (dog/any animal), night night, peace, and sometimes Dada (or just "da" but it sounds different than her word for dog). Notice Mama is not on that list... She babbles a ton, and we just think she's holding out on words in favor of complete sentences.

Food: She now drinks whole milk, sometimes from a cup, and she has a sippy cup with a straw that is her water cup. She drinks water all throughout the day, just like her mother. She's still kind of a picky eater, but every day is a new surprise, like tonight when she finally ate an orange for the first time. Sometimes we just take whatever is for dinner and roll it up into a tortilla like a burrito, and she'll usually eat it! Back when her pickiness started, I began making a list of things she eats in case she wouldn't eat anything offered. Here it is on our fridge:

Mobility: She can walk fast, but she can't run yet. She thinks it's hilarious when I run though. Cora has also recently become a climber. She can climb onto the couch on her own now, and I saw her park her ride-on car in front of a table and climb on it. She gets really frustrated when she can't climb something she wants to.

Other Random Tidbits:

Whenever I say "honk," she grabs her nose. This is definitely because she would grab my nose and I would always say "honk." She also tries to steal the cookie from the picture of her cousin Emma in her family book.

Cora loves to dance, and will do it if she hears music--or anything that sounds like music, like a bunch of people banging on stuff.

We have sorta started potty-training. It's going about as I expected, meaning that she has never done anything in the toilet yet. I might go full-force at it after we get back from our trip in August. Right now, I often let her brush her teeth on the toilet, since her diaper was usually sopping wet before I even got her on there.

She has 12 teeth and has stopped putting things in her mouth most of the time. Sometimes she will put her finger in there, but not really chew on it. I think she's about to cut some more teeth, though.

She loves books and is gentle enough with them now that I trust her with actual paper ones, not just board books. I have been able to tape back together the lift-the-flap books she destroyed, and they have stayed intact.

Cora definitely has started some toddler tantrums when she doesn't get her way. But they're not too bad, and ignoring or redirecting is still working. I have a hunch time-outs will be starting in the next few months, though.

If you ask her, Cora can successfully touch her nose, hair, ears, teeth, belly button, and toes on command. We're pretty impressed!

Speaking of her belly button, Cora is obsessed with it still. She has an abdominal hernia there that has not gone away, and I'm not sure if that's why she likes it or not. It's almost become a self-soothing thing to her. As for the hernia, we may need to get surgery on it after she turns 2. (I'm still in the research phase of what we should do; feel free to let me know if you've gone through this one.)

We love our little Cora Elizabeth, and I'm enjoying this stage so much. Overall, we're very happy being her parents!

(The fancy pics were taken by Heirloom Photography at Lakeside Park here in Fort Wayne. I own the rights to the pictures, though. Please do not use them without permission.)

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  1. Beautiful family pic! Cora is such a cutie! She looks like a very happy, healthy little girl. :)