24 July 2013

5 Favorites: Cora Edition

In honor of my little one turning 18 months old this week, here is a post dedicated to her current 5 Favorites. Of course, being a toddler, these may change in less than a week.
Thanks to Grace for Guest-hosting this week!

Closing Doors and Ringing Doorbells

 Cora is currently obsessed with the "door experience." She likes to close doors then clap for herself. She also points out her finger to hit the doorbell whenever we enter the apartment. We also have a knocker on the front door that she recently became a fan of. She holds her hand out in front of her to hit the handicapped button to open the door at the Y. And now she has started being very interested in the lock mechanism thingy on the side of the door (it's kinda like a button, when you think about it).

Dogs (or "Daahhhhhhhhh")
This is my in-laws' dog Jack, a miniature schnauzer
We don't have any pets, but Cora has been around a handful of dogs, including the in-laws' two dogs and various dogs out for walks in the neighborhood. She loves them, and will follow around the two at my in-laws' house. She is pretty good about petting them gently now, too. She also still uses the word 'dahhhh' for all animals, but when it's actually a dog she says it with ten times more conviction.

Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop

Yes, we have a few of the other Llama Llama books, but this is a board book rhyme for very little ones. She loves it, and she usually does all the motions! If you start doing the rhyme without the book, Cora will go and find it out of the pile and bring it to you. It also ends with "big hug now" and what momma wouldn't love that?


I use the term 'hats' loosely since that picture above is on the rare side. Her preferred hats for playtime are more like this:
That's a mixing bowl
and this:
It's a basket that holds stuffed fruit (this thing from IKEA)
Tumbling and Climbing
We did a Mommy & Me gymnastics class, and my little darling just loved it. She eventually got good enough at the forward rolls to do them on her own. She has also taken to climbing, especially up on the couch.

p.s. why can I never figure out what day this linkup is actually supposed to be on? Tuesday? Wednesday? Whatever, here it is on Wednesday night!

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