01 February 2013

7 Quick Takes (Anywhere But Here Edition)

--- 1 ---
I finally watched The Princess and the Frog this week. What an adorable movie! But it totally made me miss the Gulf Coast, especially now during Mardi Gras season. I didn't know the movie was set in New Orleans but pinned the accents within the first two minutes. And now I want some beignets.

From 2011, on my last visit to NOLA
--- 2 ---
Speaking of Mardi Gras, I saw pączki in the store for the first time. Apparently that's a Polish Fat Tuesday thing. It looked like a doughnut, but it said it was prune-filled. My baby loves prunes, so maybe I'll get it for her.

But where is the king cake?!! I may or may not make some (for the first time ever), but I'll definitely be serving up pancakes on Mardi Gras. I need to pull out our bead box soon.

Yes, my baby attended the Pensacola Mardi Gras parade at 3 weeks old.
She only got smacked with beads like twice. I think.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of homesickness and Lent in general, I booked a plane ticket to go back home for Easter! I haven't actually celebrated Easter with my family in Georgia since my last year of college (2006). It's just the baby and me going, but at least B has family here to take care of him. My sister's husband is becoming Catholic, so if there was ever a year to go, this is the one!

--- 4 ---
My flight was super cheap! Like under $150 cheap. Granted, I'll be driving 2 hours down to Indianapolis and having my in-laws take me to the airport, but still. And oh, I'm staying an extra day or two for no good reason. But so cheap!

--- 5 ---
I miss the beach. And I don't really like the snow or being cold. I noticed yesterday that it wasn't dark when we left the gym, and that gave me hope! C'mon, summer.

This was taken way back in my Virginia Beach days.

--- 6 ---
Have you shopped my closet yet? I have some clothes for sale, and it links up to other people who have clothes for sale. Go get yourself some new duds!

--- 7 ---
Did you see my post about my baby's birthday party? It's almost all pictures, so you don't have to use your whole brain. Go check it out if you haven't. Here's a preview:

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  1. We fly out of Ft. Wayne because the airport is so much easier! But for a cheaper flight we would definitely go the other way!

    1. Since I'm from Atlanta, I find the Indy airport super easy. Also, I get to avoid a layover this way, and with the baby (almost toddler) that is the best!

  2. HOW FUN to get to fly home so cheap, and for such a SPECIAL occasion! We have pancakes on Fat Tuesday too! I'm excited to finally have Gene home to celebrate with and chow down on some delicious pancakes together!

  3. They make packzis that are filled with other things too. Welcome to the Rust Belt! Have a doughnut so you don't freeze!

  4. Happy Birthday Cora!!
    Can't believe Lent is almost upon us...