04 February 2013

Guest Post at Messy Wife, Blessed Life: Library Love

Mandi has a great series called Baby on a Budget over at her blog Messy Wife, Blessed Life. Considering I used to teach a class entitled "Budget for Baby," contributing to this series was a no-brainer. Others have posted about some of the 'big' topics we covered in my class, so I decided to post about a smaller, but always-frugal decision: utilizing your public library. (I'm actually writing this up right now instead of going to our usual library story hour because I don't feel like digging the car out of the snow this morning.)

Here's a sneak peek of the post:
While you can go the traditional routes to saving money as a parent (which I certainly do)--couponing, deal-hunting, cloth diapering, et cetera--there are some other less obvious ways to stretch your dollar and bump up your family's quality of life.  Yes, today I will be sharing about the awesomeness of the public library . . . continue reading more at Messy Wife, Blessed Life
If you have found your way over here for the first time, welcome! Mandi likes to harp on the fact that I've won a lot of cool stuff. Check out the most recent awesome win of mine (it's probably my best win so far). Hang around for a bit because soon I will be posting some of my own personal tips for winning giveaways!

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